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  1. Giplet

    Lost Show!

    I don't know about the numbers, I am stumped on them. But I think that they are all alive and they are on an island that was used by a mad scientist to do wierd experiments on polar bears and other animals. And that that is where the hatch goes, to his secret underground lab. But then I think...
  2. Giplet

    Lost Show!

    I absolutely love this series, it is so great. We have only had the first series out over here in England, but the second series is due to start on May 2nd. I can't wait. I keep thinking I am sad because I am so excited about it coming back on. I was also really excited about the new series...
  3. Giplet

    Names please.

    Peewee could be the clumsy pig and Coffee could be the old wise pig and Chee Chee could be the young, happy-go-lucky pig. Err, I can't think of anymore.
  4. Giplet

    My Dad is such a jerk.

    Ooo, sneaky mum.
  5. Giplet

    Fake Rabbit on Petsmart.com!

    Ach, don't apologise. It's funny. It does look fake, but yeah, it's real. Hee hee.
  6. Giplet

    Piggie acting strange

    Aaw, scared of a litter tray. That is adorable. Well, lets hope it is as un-serious as that anyway. Try taking out the litter tray and see how he acts.
  7. Giplet


    Good luck with the babies and rehoming them.
  8. Giplet

    Oh how I laughed

    Tell Bonnie and Lucy, 'thank you for making Giplet smile'.
  9. Giplet

    crazy adopter!!!!

    Some people just can't be spoken too. They have such closed minds. At least you know what is right and stood up for yourself, in that you didn't adopt out the piggy. Well done.
  10. Giplet

    Hubby wanted a baby

    Well, at least she was able to go to sleep without Roxie attacking her, and it looks like she has her eyes almost fully shut, so she must feel relaxed, even with 3 new mummies and a new daddy on the prowl.
  11. Giplet

    Hubby wanted a baby

    Sounds like the boys are a bit of a handful, but you'll soon get into a routine and the smell will seem to disappear as you get used to it. I am glad that Nellie is doing alright with the rest of the clan.
  12. Giplet

    Judy - just look what you did!!

    Aww, that first picture of Charlie is such a classic. He looks so so happy. It makes me think of the episode of 'Friends' where Chandler discovers that baths are relaxing, but he has a toy boat to keep it manly. You should give Charlie something manly too, so he doesn't get too girly.
  13. Giplet

    UTI's and Fleece

    Misty appears to have a UTI and I use fleece, but I would have never made the connection myself. I would have thought it was just a coincidence.
  14. Giplet

    Hubby wanted a baby

    Aww, Nellie is so cute, I wouldn't have been able to leave her either. I agree that you should leave introductions until she is fully healed, but having her cage next to the others is a good way of starting the introduction process without actually starting it...if you know what I mean.
  15. Giplet

    Jessie or Gus?

    Jessie says thank you. She blushed when I told her what you all said.
  16. Giplet

    Can they eat corrander, chives

    I would restrict parsley more than that CCC, it is very very high in calcium, as I am sure you know anyway. I think once a week is the most it should be fed.
  17. Giplet

    In loving memory of Peanut

    I think that framing a lock of his hair is a beautiful idea. Put it with a picture of him (I personally love the first one of him, with the soft toy). I think that it will look lovely, a really nice memorial for him. Maybe you could write a poem or something and frame that with the picture...
  18. Giplet

    Rest Well, Pickles

    Two good things to be said....He had a lovely life and he is no longer in pain. Think of it that way. Rest in peace Pickles.
  19. Giplet

    Rest in peace, Sweet Lulu...

    I am very sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Lulu.
  20. Giplet

    Jessie or Gus?

    Jessie and Misty are getting on fabulously. Weaver - I named her in the first place, so yes, I am keeping her name, however, I do seem to be calling her Jessica a lot, it seems to role off my tongue more naturally. Here are some more pictures, enjoy!