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  1. AuroraBorealis

    Netherlands Cubes and Coroplast in Holland??

    Hey Ball! It seems your last post has vanished into thin air, so I'll just quote it here. Thank you for your compliments on my cage BL! I'm not on any Dutch fora, I find it hard to keep up with all the posts on this one as it is, I just can't find the time. I'm going to take a look at the...
  2. AuroraBorealis

    Netherlands Cubes and Coroplast in Holland??

    Oh good, you can see the pigtures! Thanks citronsoul! I'm really pleased with my cage. I have had it for a couple of years now and the piggers love it!
  3. AuroraBorealis

    Netherlands Cubes and Coroplast in Holland??

    Okay now, let me try again. I think this is the link to my album in Yahoo photos. Both pictures are in the album and I added a few bonus ones :D. Hope this works! http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/judithk75/detail?.dir=f665&.dnm=f83e.jpg&.src=ph
  4. AuroraBorealis

    I got my GPs!

    Congrats on the new family members muffin! Young piggers are always so much fun to watch; they just can't stop popcorning!
  5. AuroraBorealis

    Netherlands Cubes and Coroplast in Holland??

    Oh darn! They did show up when I tried the links to see if they worked! Errrrr, I'll try to figure out how to fix it, that may take a while though...
  6. AuroraBorealis

    Netherlands Cubes and Coroplast in Holland??

    Hm, Doortje is a bit invisible in that one, let's see if I can find a better picture...
  7. AuroraBorealis

    Netherlands Cubes and Coroplast in Holland??

    Sure! Hope this works... This picture is quite old, but unfortunately I don't have any recent ones and no digital camera. The cage still looks essentially the same though. My boar Indy is also in this picture, sadly he passed away last May. So there's only five of them now, all girls...
  8. AuroraBorealis

    What's your guinea pigs name?

    Thelma, Louise, Buffy, Lara, and Doortje.
  9. AuroraBorealis

    Netherlands Cubes and Coroplast in Holland??

    Yeah, it's so rewarding to see them running around in their new cage, isn't it? Mine love their C&C too, my Doortje spends hours a day sleeping in the loft. She's so fond of her sleeping spot she chases all others that attempt to enter the loft away... she defends her territory with a vengeance...
  10. AuroraBorealis

    Netherlands Cubes and Coroplast in Holland??

    Oh, well done, BL! I love it! I like the colors you used. Do the piggers like their new home?
  11. AuroraBorealis

    Poo on feet - new fleecer!

    Mine have poo on their feet occasionally too. I use vetbeds in my cage. I don't think there's anything we can do about this, right? All poo now stays on top of the fleece/vetbed, so there's a big chance they will step into it and it will stick.
  12. AuroraBorealis

    Netherlands Cubes and Coroplast in Holland??

    Congrats on the new cage BL! Please post a picture!
  13. AuroraBorealis

    How big is your C&C cage?

    5 piggers in a 2x7 with an 1x2 2nd story.
  14. AuroraBorealis

    Vet bed update please

    Laura, I think I have the same type of vetbed that you have. It does work, but it's not the 'real' vetbed. This is a cheaper version. I'm quite pleased with it, though. There is far less dust in the house now, and no more shavings flying around everywhere. You do need to take the poos out daily...
  15. AuroraBorealis

    UK Cheapest place to get timothy hay?

    Petlife also sells Timothy Hay online: http://www.vetbed.co.uk/smallanimals/western_timothy.html.
  16. AuroraBorealis

    Gotta Pick a Pig

    She's pretty! Congrats on the new addition to the family!
  17. AuroraBorealis


    She is so adorable! Does she like her new cage so far?
  18. AuroraBorealis

    Compassionate shopping

    Yes, peta has a list of companies that still test, and companies that don't, in Word-format: http://www.caringconsumer.com/searchcompany.asp. (It's a peta website).
  19. AuroraBorealis

    Vetbed and fleece questions

    Fleece is definitely cheeper than vetbed, but the cotton batting that I want to use with it is quite expensive over here. But even so it's more than 50% cheaper than vetbed. There's pro's and con's to fleece as well as to vetbed, that's the problem basically! Aaargh, I'm such a crappy...
  20. AuroraBorealis

    My Puffy is gone

    Ly, I'm so sorry for your loss.