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  1. morrigan

    Do Not Put A Hammock In Your Cage! We now have a crippled rabbit because of hammocks!

    Maybe it's not advisable to put a hammock on the rabbit cage. Maybe the rabbit isn't capable of using a hammock. or maybe it's not the hammock at all. Maybe it's something else that made the rabbit's foot swell. I'm not a rabbit expert. I think the concern here in this forum at least is the...
  2. morrigan

    orange urine from carrots?

    It's not advisable to feed them too much carrot a day.
  3. morrigan

    Can guinea pigs eat apples?

    Feed them in moderation. Apples are considered treats for them. Also carrots. Too much carrots isn't good for them either. One baby carrots for one pig a day will be fine.
  4. morrigan

    Guinea Chat and Quesions

    Should I keep males in seperate cages? If these males are neutered they can be with the females. If not, They should be in a separate cage. Could I keep Neutered males in with Females? That's up to you. How many Neutered males could I keep in with females? It doesn't really matter as long as you...
  5. morrigan

    Salt and mineral licks

    It is not a pellet. And it has nothing to do with GP pellet When I say Mineral, it is something they chew to trim their teeth.
  6. morrigan

    Did you know?

    Why don't you try this site too? www.guinealynx.com
  7. morrigan

    guinea pigs death

    You should learn a lesson from that. Slight changes in their behavior should alarm you and immediately bring them to the vet. I suggest you that you bring you pig (the one who died) to a vet so that he /she can tell you what happened. At least you know what went wrong and that it won't happen to...
  8. morrigan

    Salt and mineral licks

    I don't think salt wheel and mineral is harmful to them. For the salt, that depends on each pigs. I read once that her pig keeps licking her so she gave them salt wheel but they never touched it. I'm not sure if pigs want them. As for the mineral, that's ok too since it helps them trim their...
  9. morrigan

    Which Sex to get?

    Get two sows! Man, I have boas and they fight a lot. While my sows on the other side were living happily in their cage.
  10. morrigan

    Boar-ish behavior

    Err..why put lavander oil? Why don't you just bathe them all.
  11. morrigan

    Philippines Philippines Hay Dilemma! :-(

    I don't like the hay they sell in Under the sea. It's kinda expensive for a small bag.
  12. morrigan

    Pictures of the newborn pups!!

    I love seeing newly born pigs especially their ears. My 2 pigs just gave birth March 24 and 28. They're really cute. Congratulations!
  13. morrigan


    Now I'm sure that I'm using the safe type of pine shavings. As long as the pine shavings is kiln-dried, it's safe
  14. morrigan

    Philippines My pigs needs new home (Philippines)

    That's ok MOM TO CUJO. Sometimes you really can't avoid to do things like that. I'm also guilty of doing that. But at least you/we're sorry. No worries. SCREAMINGFLEA. I heard that too about the hay in Under the Sea. A piggie owner shared that to me. Thanks for the contact though. I still have...
  15. morrigan


    Some use bunny shampoo
  16. morrigan

    How are GP's sight?

    From what I notice with my pigs. When I wave things like newspaper or towel, they would come near. When I just lay it there, they will also go to it. For their sight, it's only working when somethings moving. Everything still, the nose will take over.
  17. morrigan

    support for cage?

    I'm using linoleum so it will really need a support. If you have extra grids, you can use them as support. Check out the gallery and search on STANDS.
  18. morrigan

    Pig urine?

    use vinegar in removing urine build up. It really works. Some of my pigs also pee milky white urine. But if has gunks in it, I think you should see a vet.
  19. morrigan

    Floor time question

    Yeah me too. I think you don't have to worry too much. When it's their first time to hae a floortime their poops are scattered around. But in time, they only poop and pee in 2 of the corner of the floor.
  20. morrigan

    Boars together

    ROSEBUD - try this site. www.cavyspirit.com and click on the social life. RYOUSKE - why would you add sows in boars? Are you a breeder?