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  1. soccerchickgrp5

    Kittens with cages pets/ Declawing Alternative

    She's a young kitten! How cute! Anyways my cat, he used to stick his paws through the cage and my old guinea pig, Buttercup, became tired of it. So she bit his paw when he tried to stick it back in through the cage grids. My cat Tiger never tried to put his paw through the cage again. Luckily...
  2. soccerchickgrp5

    hi, from everywhere!!

    Welcome! If you have any questions just browse around the forum and go to the sites aspecht recommended!! Hope you have a great time on here! I know I do :cool:
  3. soccerchickgrp5

    Frustrated Forced to move gpigs to the garage.

    lissie it seems to attract bugs, especially flies. pinky the lawn mower is kept in the shed. I do see what your concern is though. Yes there are 3 windows and during the day my dad keeps it open for sunlight. I am mainly worried about the flies. My guinea pigs are each very healthy. We usually...
  4. soccerchickgrp5

    Frustrated Forced to move gpigs to the garage.

    I forced my dad to not keep the car in the garage so he won't . The garage is insulated like a room and is usually at a normal temperature,
  5. soccerchickgrp5

    Frustrated Forced to move gpigs to the garage.

    Winter: Doesn't seem like winter, isn't cold and the cage is like 5 ft by 5ft something like that! Yes reaches maximum amount. And my dad's like no I want them out, they smell (i spray febreeze around my room)main thing is they take up too much space.
  6. soccerchickgrp5

    Frustrated Forced to move gpigs to the garage.

    So We are recarpeting the house and my dad forced me to move my guinea pigs to the garage. I cried, said no they can't, yeah they didn't go well. So I had to move them outside, I visit them, clean their cage everyday. We have a fan for them during the summer. Any idea's how i can get them back...
  7. soccerchickgrp5

    Behavior Ungrateful Piggy

    The behavior doesn't sound aggressive at all! Your piggy just sounds hungry!Do you always have hay in his cage. Normal hay in bales work too, which are pretty much just fresh cut and green where i live. Bond with him more and teach him tricks. Squeaking is a beg for food. Biting the bars is hungry.
  8. soccerchickgrp5

    Is it worth it?

    Well my rescue fixed them for free... The shelter can too
  9. soccerchickgrp5

    Is it worth it?

    Neutering for me is safer then spaying one of my girls. It works out well, but he has to be separated from any other pig for about 2 weeks. Yes it is worth it.. all my boys are neutered. I had the shelter fix my boys for free.
  10. soccerchickgrp5

    Fleece how often do you replace your fleece?

    I have two piggies and 2 blankets i rotate out, I change it if they start having rips and they are all torn.
  11. soccerchickgrp5

    When I get bored on the first day of summer vacation...

    Thanks! That's awesome :D
  12. soccerchickgrp5

    General Need a name for my new piggy!

  13. soccerchickgrp5

    General Need a name for my new piggy!

    Butterscotch :P
  14. soccerchickgrp5

    General New piggie. Need a name for her

    Cookie! Like cookies and cream ice cream.
  15. soccerchickgrp5

    Cage Fleece igloo/hut..

    https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=43953&page=2 There is a tunnel. But you can browse around the Hot Tip section of the forum or the Special Reference section.
  16. soccerchickgrp5

    General what age should baby boars be removed from their mother?

    3 weeks, but baby boars can impregnate a sow around 4 weeks. So it is best to take them out at 3 weeks to make sure nothing happens!:)
  17. soccerchickgrp5

    What has been your most expensive vet bill?

    Just wondering who has had the most expensive bill in one day:confused:
  18. soccerchickgrp5

    Wheezing Wheezing

    Look through this to see what diseases and medicines that can be potentially dangerous. http://www.guinealynx.info/emergency.html
  19. soccerchickgrp5

    Conditions I'm not sure if my guy is sick or not

    He could possibly be sick but there is no way to tell for sure. I would take him in for a vet check up though, guinea pig sickness can go downhill fast. I am wary of treats too.. Ahat ingredients are enlisted on the package do you know?Lethargy can be a symptom of many things.
  20. soccerchickgrp5

    Fighting Are my guinea pigs really fighting?

    Re: My guinea pigs drawing blood? I would watch them if they do draw blood clean it off and watch it. If it is a very brutal injury then I would take them to the vet, watch introduction videos. they may look like their fighting but are we positive?