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  1. 5piglover1542

    Comment by '5piglover1542' in media 'Kara's Hayrack'

    Great idea! I was wondering what the chain was, then i looked closer and was amazed!
  2. 5piglover1542

    Mattress Pads?

    Where do you put the mattress pads? I use towels and fleece right now and wanted to give the pads a try, but dont know the order to put the things in.
  3. 5piglover1542

    Happy piggy videos

    Very cute. My pigs just yell and scream at me when they hear me come in with Vegggies.!
  4. 5piglover1542

    My piggies won't...

    For some reason my pigs won't run around either. I've had them all for a very long time. I put them in a huge pen out side or in my livingroom and they just sit and maybe venture out to eat but thats it.
  5. 5piglover1542

    Comment by '5piglover1542' in media 'Grazing cage.'

    Its very nice, but the top looks a little unstable. Like its caving in or something. Maybe its just the angle the camera is at.
  6. 5piglover1542

    Piggy Voices

    I have 7 pigs, and i can always tell whos sqeaking and whose not when i walk in the room. No doubt about it! One of my pigs, Radcliff, has a very distinctive voice, its very scratchy and low, my sister says it sounds like hes been smoking! I was very concered but my vet just told me its just...
  7. 5piglover1542

    Building a cage.

    I put down a mattress pad and then some towels and then fleece. It works very well. Many people use fleece here. I reccomend trying it.;)
  8. 5piglover1542


    My boars do that to each other when they get in one anothers space.. I think its just a warning. Much like a cat.
  9. 5piglover1542

    My Pigs!

    The second to last pig looks exactly like my Veronica! Very nice piggies!
  10. 5piglover1542

    Need Help

    I noticed the same hair loss on two of my boars, i took them into the vet and he told me it was just an overactive gland(where their scent come from). I told him it was greasy and he said it was because of the oils and not to worry about it. So it could just be that but i would take her into the...
  11. 5piglover1542


    Ok, no the antisocial boar is in his completly different cage, but the sides are against each other. Alright i will get 2 more water bottles and somemore food dishes. They are doing fine now but i just need to see how they are in the cage together. Thanks for the support.lol
  12. 5piglover1542


    Ok, i'll put them back together. There has not been any blood drawn yet so I'll put them together again today and see what happens. I just didn't want to have them together during the night just incase something happened. I wasn't comfortable. My cage is 2x6 and has 4 hidey houses and 1 big food...
  13. 5piglover1542


    So i adopted 2 boars and their 3 week quarentine was up yesterday and the vet said they were in good health so i introduced them to my 2 other boars using the bath technique. All went well other than some chattering and a few little snips. 3 of them got along great(both new ones and one of the...
  14. 5piglover1542

    Lid ideas?

    Oh, really? Ok maybe I'll go down to Home Depot today and check it out. So you think they'll cut it for me? Thank your for your help.
  15. 5piglover1542

    Lid ideas?

    I currently have a 2x6 C&C cage for my 4 boars. I am using grids for the top right now and have the front 6 lift up for access(sp?). My cat somehow gets into the cage at night. Im still puzzled how he does it but i know he does. I think its something like he jumps on top of on of the opening...
  16. 5piglover1542

    I finally did it!

    Thanks so much! I believe in that too. Its kind of like when i started expanding on my guinea pig cages, they are in my room, and my sister (the one closer to my age) said "What if someone comes into your room and doesn't want to be your friend because you have a farm in your room?" And I said...
  17. 5piglover1542

    Comment by '5piglover1542' in media 'everyday office cage'

    I saw your other cage ( i think it was for floortime) and that was phinminol (sp?) and now this! Wow!
  18. 5piglover1542


    I am finishing up redesigning my boys 2x6 cage and i can't firgure a ramp. I need an L shaped one that isn't too steep. Iv'e looked at the pictures in the ramp/step gallery but it didn't really tell me how to make it or what to use. I have lots of extra coroplast but i still need help. =/ Thanks
  19. 5piglover1542

    I finally did it!

    Yes. I love it here. I am currently in Northern Cali. Its dreadfully hot in the summmer though, currently the tempurature is about 105. Its very nice for photos though. I also love taking nature shots. We have wonderful nature up here, its all so gorgeous. Here are two pictures that i took of my...
  20. 5piglover1542

    I finally did it!

    Yea i am going to go to San Deigo state for the fine arts(photograghy). I am only in the 9th grade though! I have awhile to go yet.;) At my high school, they have a very nice photograghy class that im going to be taking next year. Im really excited because my sister has a friend who took it and...