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  1. Porcellino

    Italy There Are Cubes In Italy!!!

    everyone from italy...at the "Eurospin" market there are "cubi compibili" really like these one! the discount starts tomorrow!!!
  2. Porcellino

    My Piggie Tips

    wow! very useful! thanks so much!:love:
  3. Porcellino

    Our Piggy Video

    very very very cute video!!!!!!!!! i love them all!!! and your hay rack seems buildings!!they 're so big and high!! LOL
  4. Porcellino

    Bedding question

    :ohmy: thanks so much!!!:D
  5. Porcellino

    Bedding question

    this is very interesting!thanks to all for the info!!! but..i'd have a question.. if you use fleece or towels...how many time do you have to change it daily/weekly?
  6. Porcellino

    New baby pics !!

    they are sooo cuute!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!!!
  7. Porcellino

    Italy Cubes in Italy

    thanks you guys! i'm from italy too..but i can't find these cubes!