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  1. megziepoo

    Skin Problems Scabs with hair loss

    sorry yes he does
  2. megziepoo

    Skin Problems Scabs with hair loss

    He hasnt been scratching alot no, altho I do find that he has beeb wiggling his but an awful lot!!
  3. megziepoo

    Skin Problems Scabs with hair loss

    one of my piggies has lost about 4 of these scabs with hair attached today... I can feel some little scabs on him but he won't stay still long enough let me touch them. anyone know what this could be? possibly mites?
  4. megziepoo

    Behavior teeth chattering?

    My piggie does the same thing when hes cuddling me so I would like to know what it means too!
  5. megziepoo

    Anyone else do this? =]

    AHA!!!! Thats way too cute!! I told my mom today that I think we need to invest in a mini fridge thats just for piggie food cuz theres no room left in our fridge for our food!!
  6. megziepoo

    Anyone else do this? =]

    Haha my cart looked the same way today! Made a trip to the grocery store specifically piggie food :)
  7. megziepoo

    Photo of the WHEEK! Contest: Lap Pigs!

    Hiding in momma's snuggie pocket :)
  8. megziepoo

    General look at my new things!

    sooo it appears Cosmo found out about the potty picture on here cuz now he like no way am I using that again!! and poops in every corner of the cage EXCEPT the corner with the litter box LOL
  9. megziepoo

    Joy We Have Babies! Lots of photos included

    Omg they are just way too cute!!*
  10. megziepoo

    General Lady at petsmart and misleading guinea pig products

    Oh wow! Ya my petland doesnt even have dogs! Just a few cats from the humane society, then fish, reptiles, hamsters birds, and bunnies and guinea pigs from the humane society
  11. megziepoo

    General look at my new things!

    Im not sure :(
  12. megziepoo

    Photos The herd in a mini photo shoot.

    Omg there all so adorable!! I just love the second piggy!! So fluffy and love the coloring
  13. megziepoo

    Play How to make floor time less messy and more fun?

    I have an old pair of fleece pj pants and my pig just loves running in the legs lol
  14. megziepoo

    General look at my new things!

    Its not my mom who needs convincing!! she would adopt one right now! Its our landlord. were hoping to be moving soon so we can get him a friend
  15. megziepoo

    Photo of the Wheek! Contest: Piggy Feet!

    little baby feet <3
  16. megziepoo

    This Poor Hamster! Pics included.

    Awww what a cutie! Did the woman say how long she had the hamster that his eyes were always crusted shut?? It must be such an adjustment for him to be able to actually see something. Hes so lucky you found him :)
  17. megziepoo

    Sick Duff was fine last night

    Im so sorry for your loss :( such a handsome man. this brought me to tears
  18. megziepoo

    This Poor Hamster! Pics included.

    oh my goodness really!! I know I had a crittertrail cage and that one kept falling apart on me which is why I stuck with habitrail Heres some pics of how I have set up my cage before My hamster cant climb so all the tunnels I have put down so he can just crawl through them, he loves...
  19. megziepoo

    General look at my new things!

    LOL!! I know right!!!! I was like just let me be a proud mommy and take a pic!! Cant imagine the look he wud give if he found out I shared it with all of you!!
  20. megziepoo

    This Poor Hamster! Pics included.

    Aww. Well keep me posted if you find anything and let me know how hes doing :) also just a quick note on cages, see if you can look into habitrail cages. There awesome and fun! You can buy so many add ons and tunnels for them and hamsters love their tunnels! I have like almost all the expansion...