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  1. Annakarin75

    Scandinavia What kind of pellets?

    We all learn as we go along. In this case I just answered the girls question about what food I have for my two cavies. And if it doesn't correspond 110% with everyone else, not much I can do there is it? I take care of my two Fur Angels the best the situation allows me as I am sure you do to...
  2. Annakarin75

    Scandinavia What kind of pellets?

    Oh, I mix it with regular pellets as well, so it's barely 50% of that one. Not to worry dear Pellets Pals, they get all they need, I'm no noobie to the Cavy world. ;-)
  3. Annakarin75

    Scandinavia What kind of pellets?

    I use pellets from "Pretty Pets". It's sold by botha HUGE local animal store (NO live pets there!!) and also by the piggys vet shop. :-) Pretty neat stuff! http://www.prettypets.com/ I think the nutrients are pretty OK...
  4. Annakarin75

    One of the worst setups Ive ever seen

    Daym... :-( Wowza.. NOT a good thing. I was tempted to write and complain to her, but it seems one of us is getting through here so I'll just offer my SUPPORT in any way I can. I'd even ship her a "used" 120 cm cage or two that I've seen here in Gothenburgh... We have a nearby petshop - A WELL...
  5. Annakarin75

    Comment by 'Annakarin75' in media 'lid opened'

    Now THIS is what I want to have for Jazz and Ziggy. And difficult to clean....? Nah. that looks VERY easy to use and get into for the humans .. er.. cavyslaves I mean. ;-)
  6. Annakarin75

    Grids of a different color

    At times I wish I could find a place to import grids myself and sell for fellow Guineapig owners here in Sweden and pull my straw to the haystack... :-/ I have to order grids from GERMANY to get them! ARGH! Yes, it makes me somewhat frustrated. So those of you who can find them and buy it in the...
  7. Annakarin75

    Scandinavia Found Cubes in Germany!

    Hello fellow Scnadinavians! As some of us has discovered it is nearly impossible to find the ever so useful Cubes in Sweden and it's downright murder to tryand buy a ready CC cage since many refuse to ship it to us, wich is sad because I'd not mind paying for a BIG cage for my boys! :(...
  8. Annakarin75

    Scandinavia Coroplast / Kanalplast found for sale!

    I knwo some of you here have been complaining about lack of Coroplast AKA "kanalplast" But I found a place online that sells shooting targets, the ones that run on small machines for practice shooting. They have the site in both english, german and swedish. http://www.canaxa.se/ Now scroll down...
  9. Annakarin75

    Comment by 'Annakarin75' in media 'barn'

    Oh my!! Is that what i think it is? A Breyer Horse Barn? :-D
  10. Annakarin75

    Comment by 'Annakarin75' in media 'Erin's Cavy Condo's'

    Nice, clean, airy, roomy and easy to keep check on. That is aboslutely great! :-)
  11. Annakarin75

    Scandinavia Cubes in Sweden?

    A little suggestion...? One of my tips would be the company ELFA - www.elfa.com They provide bars/grids and similar things in some bigger interior design stores. Just look up places that cater to shelves and racks for closets (garderobs inredningar)! "Svenska Hem" in Mölndal has a HUGE...
  12. Annakarin75

    Scandinavia Found something interesting re. cages

    Bummer. :-/ Ummm it's shelfing. Plain white shelfing units. If you go to the actual website, www.elfa.com and look for retailers (återförsäljare) you might be able to find somehting. Although the server seems to be down ATM. But they do have a Finland based site as well! But at Coop/Konsum...
  13. Annakarin75

    Scandinavia Found something interesting re. cages

    I found some kind of bars at the BIG Coop/Konsum supermarket on Backaplan here in Gothenburgh. It is bars for the closet shelfing unit they have there. They're QUITE interesting and I have provided a link here. It might be REALLY good sturdy strong grids to use. :-) They're about 53-55...
  14. Annakarin75

    Scandinavia materials

    Men HALLÅ! En göteborgare?! Ballt! ;-D Jag bor på Krokslätt/Liseberg med två buspojkar. Tänkte bara sticka in nosen och säga hej!
  15. Annakarin75

    Scandinavia Two little guys...

    Ziggy's age is unknoiwn and Jazz is 8 months. Ziggy was so bullied he's lost quite a lot of weight. ATM they are in separate cages again. I just wish I coudl find the cages that some in the US and Canada have with those metal grids. Then I could have two square sections for them and still they'd...
  16. Annakarin75

    Scandinavia Two little guys...

    Hi all! I'm brand new to this place, but thought I'd just poke my nose in. I am in a wee bit of a trouble. Ok, let' start with Ziggy. He's a Peruvian anda ANGEL. i eman it, absolutely an angel. Godlen heart and so kind. I LOVE him.:love: And sicne I felt bad about letting him be alone I went...