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  1. Shieme

    Bonding Dogs and guinea pigs

    Labs are known to adopt other animals! But all dogs are hunting dogs of some type. Sorry about your piggie! But labs and poodle are hunting animals. Sounds like yours has more lab in it but poodles are very much a hunting breed. Please be careful. Most dogs will smell your sent...
  2. Shieme

    Behavior Escape artist Extraordinaire

    Yeah, don’t give nasty tasting food. Bitter apple stuff doesn’t work for piggies. He is climbing so a lid would be best and food... wouldn’t make sense. But I’m wondering if he is going in a friend’s cage, maybe he wants to be cagemate to another boar.
  3. Shieme

    Bonding Cold brings buddies togeather!

    Well my girls don?t fight and they like having each other around. Zoe can?t stand Shiemi gone when I hold her. Shiemi just chilled. They don?t sleep togeather till it tempature dropped to 15. It?s not normally cold here but I walked into the room and found them cuddled togeather. I wish I...
  4. Shieme

    Midwest 3 Midwest Cages - questions about best accessories

    I have two Midwest cages, hooked up in a L shape. I close one cage and clean them. They have moving blankets and fleece liners. I change one side daily. The other side weekly. They pee and poop more where they eat. They like to sleep on one side (food). Dunno why but I live a large cage...
  5. Shieme

    General can I leave them alone for a few days?

    Something can happen, they could get sick. No, I wouldn’t leave them alone for days. Get someone to Che k on them at least twice a day. If not that, at least once to give them fresh water and check on food. Drop daily veggies.
  6. Shieme

    Bonding Multiple Piggies!

    My girls are so opposite that they are not bonded but they are buddies. They follow each other... well Zoe follows Shiemi. Shiemi just likes the company but Zoe wants a more bonded relationship. Shiemi will not sleep in the same area which upsets me because it's finally getting cold here. I...
  7. Shieme

    Sick 4 month old baby dies unexpectedly

    Besides he might have already been sick when you got him, either close the window or put up blankets (or towel) to make a spot that the piggies can retreat without the breeze or cold air. It got really cold where I live so I put up towels around the hut (outside of cage) to keep heat in. They...
  8. Shieme

    General 1 guinea pig from Petsmart died, should we get the other one back?

    Oh my gawd! I would call corporate and tell them how this traumatized you from them all togeather. Then start looking for rescue piggies because you sound like a wonderful fur baby parent! Poor porkchop! I bet he is already put down. I'm so glad my petsmart got rid of that petstore vet...
  9. Shieme

    Bonding How do you bond two pigs together

    I don't think you introduced them correctly. Maisy sounds too close to Rascal. Just because he cannot get to her, he might be thinking Chris is competition. Also, when I meant clean, I meant before you put the two togeather. First neutral area (not the cage) then put them (if they were okay...
  10. Shieme

    Cage Can you connect 2 Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus cages?

    It's easy. Just reverse the bars, where the Midwest sign is on the inside the cage. There will be a small gap between the two cages. I thought that was going to be a problem but my girls only care about running around then trying to escape. But my girls hate being outside their cage. There...
  11. Shieme

    Sexing Is my guinea pig male or female?? *photos for assistance*

    I agree, she's female. And don't feel bad about making sure you've sexed the piggie before getting anoypther. That is very smart!
  12. Shieme

    Behavior Scared the dickens outta me!

    Zoe just gave me a kiss because I gave both a dried apple slice and pea flakes for a treat. She was so nice tonight that I was like, "is this the same piggie or a pod piggie?" She has a lot of personality and moods. It's funny and the reason I love animals. I hate when people say animals...
  13. Shieme

    General 1 guinea pig from Petsmart died, should we get the other one back?

    Poor piglet! Dang petsmart! He could have survived but you did what you thought was correct. Get porkchop back and continue the care. He gets sicker, take him to your own vet and present petsmart the bill! After he is well, then try to get a companion. Older males and younger ones are...
  14. Shieme

    Bonding How do you bond two pigs together

    How far is the female from the guys? Because it sounds like rascal is going crazy which isn't going to help. Two, why so young? Three, did you clean rascal's cage and neural area? They are boars and if rascal was only piggie in the cage, he's marked it as "his".
  15. Shieme

    Behavior Scared the dickens outta me!

    No, I haven't gotten "the butt" yet. My cat did something similar but then I did the same to her back. But this eating thing, Shiemi hasn't done that yet!
  16. Shieme

    Behavior Scared the dickens outta me!

    So this morning fine, Zoe was noisy as ever and ate/drank. After work, nothing. I go in and a little wheek then nothing. Got the veggie dish and filled it. No Zoe. She's in the hut. I forced her out. Shiemi's eating like a champ. Zoe, runs back in the hut. I put a leaf down, nope. I...
  17. Shieme

    Behavior Mario and Yoshi having a quiet moment together

    They look so cute togeather. I hope they get pass this but at least they still see one another.
  18. Shieme

    Fur My guinea has a spot of hair whish is short

    I'm thinking the same as bpatters, an old bite but I like both answers. Just give it time and serf the hair grows back. Could take some time.
  19. Shieme

    General Oops I Did It Again

    She's so cute. Reminds me of cookies and cream. Your name is better!
  20. Shieme

    General Will the pigs scent the dead mouse and go crazy?

    I'm pretty sure they do smell each other! Snakes smell warm or blood easy, since they are cold blooded. My sisters snakes always got pissy when I was near them because I eat meat and have a high iron count. They would attack the cage. Even when I owned a snake, it constantly bit me...