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  1. Cosmic

    Pet Stores Job at Petsmart?

    So I've been wanting to get a job for a long time now, but with many different things in my life and issues, I would have a pretty hard time actually going to work and managing to keep the job. One place where that would hopefully not be the case might be Petsmart. It's not too far from me, it...
  2. Cosmic

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    Everyone's cages and piggies are so cute! Especially the babies!
  3. Cosmic

    I Love You, My Babies

    I'm so happy I've had so many wonderful years with my guinea pigs. They were my first pets, and I cared for them since I was ten. Through all these years my parents have threatened to give them away, told me to get rid of them, but I never let them do anything. I got my first piggy, Mocha, and...
  4. Cosmic

    Loss Apartment Dwellers: What do you do when your piggie dies?

    I know this is an awful topic to breach but I want to be prepared. My guinea pigs are getting older now (6 years 1 month, and 5 years 5 months) and while I dearly hope they live to see quite a bit more, I know there are pigs that die around this age. The thing is that I am a teenager living...
  5. Cosmic

    Frustrated Fitting Pigs into the Schedule

    I'm surprised no one has said anything about floor time. It's a lot more important than lap time. Pigs need their exercise outside of their cage.
  6. Cosmic

    Movies Short film ideas?

    Any ideas anyone?
  7. Cosmic

    Movies Short film ideas?

    Thanks for the ideas! Keep 'em coming!
  8. Cosmic

    Movies Short film ideas?

    Hi there, So, I have a school project which is to make a short film. Since I am working alone I only had to be a minute long but can be up to five. I've had a few ideas that I really liked, but they require either younger children, difficult acting or difficult shooting and editing. And I've...
  9. Cosmic

    Pellets Kaytee pellets

    ThePigAlchemist. Thanks. Looking at the ingredients I was pretty sure that it was for young pigs, but wasn't certain. I'll see if my dad can return them. And I should have been more specific, the orange pieces were those pellet pieces that were dyed slightly orange, and I would've picked them...
  10. Cosmic

    Pellets Kaytee pellets

    So we usually buy the Oxbow Cavy Cuisine Adult guinea pig pellets for my two guinea pigs. But today my dad decided to buy the Kaytee Healthy Support Diet, FortiDiet Prohealth. For some reason he thought he was buying some great pellets. Now I know Kaytee isn't the best brand, but are these...
  11. Cosmic

    Infection Head tilt

    The thing is, she only had a head tilt for a few hours (when I couldn't get her to a vet), so unless I can show my dad that something is wrong, then I don't think we'll be going to a vet, especially when we don't have money to spare right now.
  12. Cosmic

    Infection Head tilt

    Mocha's head tilt was gone today as well. She's still her normal self. Still eating, drinking, pooping, running around, chasing my other pig from hideys. So is it possible ​that there's nothing to worry about anymore? I'll still be watching her and everything. I have to say, I was expecting...
  13. Cosmic

    Infection Head tilt

  14. Cosmic

    Infection Head tilt

    So today I took a look at Mocha and her head tilt is gone. No tilting or turning at all. The only thing is that during floor time she was doing a little hop back occasionally. It wasn't very often, but she's never done this before. It was kind of like when two guinea pigs face-off and raise...
  15. Cosmic

    Behavior Bubbleling sound when walking

    They chut when they're curious and exploring. It's very cute!
  16. Cosmic

    Fleece Fleece liner or towel for lap time?

    I guess I'll be sticking with towels for now. I don't get not washing stuff in the washer either! Do a rinse cycle after, maybe wipe down the interior, and there shouldn't be hairs, if that's the problem. I mean, it gets WASHED, the point of the WASHING machine is to WASH things, get them clean...
  17. Cosmic

    Infection Head tilt

    Hello, my piggie, Mocha, approximately four years, ten months old, has a head tilt. I just noticed the tilt about thirty minutes ago. I'm not sure exactly when it started, but it was wasn't before late afternoon. I took her out and I saw her head was tilted and also turned to one side. It...
  18. Cosmic

    Fleece Fleece liner or towel for lap time?

    Wow, Kelsie. A full cage cleaning every other day? Do you scrub the cage every time? Or do you use something like puppy pads so it doesn't ever get to the bottom?
  19. Cosmic

    Fleece Fleece liner or towel for lap time?

    I haven't been on the forum for a while, not that anybody noticed... But I'm back with some questions. First, I know some of you don't use anything for lap time, but for those of you who do, do you use a fleece liner sort of thing or do you use a towel? I use a towel folded into thirds and when...
  20. Cosmic

    Photo of the WHEEK! Contest: Seasonal Fall Pigs

    When will the next contest start? It's been a really long time!!!