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  1. mickey1007

    Rabbits What Bedding for Rabbit Litter tray?

    I use this one - http://store.busybunny.com/litter-box-lb-1-p1191.aspx (click on the "view enlarged image" to get a better idea of how it looks) I tried using the wire ones but my bunny hated them and never used them. This is plastic and she has no problem with it. I just use wood pellets...
  2. mickey1007

    Blog Forever chaning cage!

    You cage looks amazing! What do you use for bedding in the hay bin? Is it just hay?
  3. mickey1007

    Vet Good Vet Option?

    I absolutely love South Hyland!! My vet is Dr Nikki Burk and she is amazing! She is the vet that discovered that my girl Brandy had a heart arrhythmia. I had already seen one vet who dismissed my concerns since the only symptom was hooting. But she was very open to checking her out and listening...
  4. mickey1007


    If you are traveling in the US - Frontier Airlines does allow guinea pigs to be brought into the cabin in an approved carrier (Frontier Airlines | Traveling with Pets). This is the only airline that I have found that allows guinea pigs in the cabin with you. Hope this helps!
  5. mickey1007

    Puppy Pads Best Price For Washable Puppy Pads

    Hi Kath! I didn't find any washable puppy pads in bulk, however I didn't look on ebay at all which would have been a good idea!! I did buy the larger EZWhelp ones from amazon then cut them and sewed them to the size that I needed. Hope that helps!
  6. mickey1007

    Cage Cuddles and Buttercup's Newly Remodeled Cage !

    Hey Kath! Sorry for the delay in responding (the holidays were hectic!). Thank you very much for the pics of the bunk beds ... very creative! They are on my list of things to do for the cage and hopefully will get to them soon. I need to give you a big "thank you" for the hay bin idea. I made a...
  7. mickey1007

    Cage Cuddles and Buttercup's Newly Remodeled Cage !

    I am so sorry that you aren't feeling well Kath! I hope that you feel better soon. No hurry on the pics - unfortunately I'm a visual person and need to see things to help me understand how to construct them. I too have debated about using hayracks, I even had a design in mind that I was going...
  8. mickey1007

    Cage Cuddles and Buttercup's Newly Remodeled Cage !

    I love your cage!! Actually, it's more of a "habitat" since they probably don't feel like they are caged in there with all that space!! If you don't mind, I have two questions: 1) Were you able to take pics of the bunk beds without the blankets or pillows? I would like to see that. 2) For...
  9. mickey1007

    Conditions Twitching Ear

    I checked her ears and didn't see anything odd but she is the brown & white piggy so it's hard to see in her ears. Also the twitching stopped around 10am - I was at work but that's when my husband noticed it wasn't happening anymore. I'll keep an eye on it and take her in if needed. We have an...
  10. mickey1007

    Fleece Ultra Cuddle Fleece

    The best way to search this site is to go to google and type the following in the search box: site:guineapigcages.com ultra cuddle fleece Change ultra cuddle fleece with the search you would like but always make sure that site:guineapigcages is first. I believe this is the link you are...
  11. mickey1007

    Conditions Twitching Ear

    I have been weighing them every week since we first got them - actually keep it in a spreadsheet so that we have the history in case it's needed. They are weighed every Sunday and her weight was steady from last Sunday ... she may have gained a couple of grams but nothing major. She has been...
  12. mickey1007

    Conditions Twitching Ear

    This is an odd one and I searched all over here and GL but couldn't find anything. The left ear of one of my girls keeps twitching. It's just the left one and it does it while she's awake - eating, drinking, etc. I know that the ears twitch when they sleep but does anyone know about when they...
  13. mickey1007

    Vet Costs Guinea Pig Insurance!!!!!!

    I know this isn't insurance but on GL someone pointed out that they use Care Credit (CareCredit® Healthcare Finance - Payment Plans and Financing for Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Veterinary & Other Medical Procedures). It's a credit card that can be used for Vet bills but you can...
  14. mickey1007

    Fleece I made an extra 2x4....selling

    Quick question if you don't mind ... is the white fabric on the other side fleece also?
  15. mickey1007

    Blog Updates - Charlie, George, Patch and me

    Sorry to hear about Charlie's hair and the problems with the boys - I hope that the new place search goes well. I'll be sending you lots of positive thoughts!! Good luck on the new place! I know what you mean about more space for the piggies - I've talked my husband into getting rid of our...
  16. mickey1007

    Medications Probiotics Questions

    My two gps are currently on Baytril for a suspected UTI - there was blood in the cage but the urinalysis was negative. When I asked the vet about a probiotic she said it wasn't necessary. A few days later I found mucus in the cage and based on research here & on guinealynx plus advice from this...
  17. mickey1007

    Blog Home Alone

    Hi Kim! Haven't seen any new updates lately ... hope everything is going well and that Charlie is doing better!
  18. mickey1007

    Stones Sludge, blood and any idea what this is?

    Thanks for the inside info ;-) that makes perfect sense to me! I was just picking up their cage again and found some more sticky stuff on one of the cups - not like the one on the picture but enough to convince me to do something about it! I will pick up some acidophilus when we go to get the...
  19. mickey1007

    Stones Sludge, blood and any idea what this is?

    I received a response back from the Vet about the poop - she said that it was mucus and that I shouldn't worry about it unless I see more. However, I've been reading about it (now that I know what it is) and am getting slightly scared about some of the issues people have had. If we start using...
  20. mickey1007

    Stones Sludge, blood and any idea what this is?

    I think the hay became stuck to the "mucus" after it came out. I asked the vet about a probiotic and she said that with Baytril one wasn't needed. Is that incorrect?