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    Canada vets-surrey, bc

    I'm from the surrey, BC area and was wondering if anyone knows of a good exotic/cavy vet around here?! Also, what is the typical cost of a check up, as well as ivermectin. Just so i can be prepared.:o Thanks in advanced!
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    oops website*
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    Thanks for the advice! I've had guinea pigs when i was younger, and they have always lived in good sized cages, never pet store cages! It has been a couple years since I've last had one, and I've sure missed them. I would extend my cage, except it wasn't made with cubes. I'm glad I stumbled...
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    I got my baby girl, creamsicle, for christmas and she is nearing 3 months.:) She lives in a a 2x3 (off by a very few inches) cage with a 2x2 loft. Hopefully, in the near future i can build her a third floor, which would be 2x3. I really wish i could build her a larger cage, but I dont have...