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  1. CavyMama

    Bonding Bonding boys question - new boy and existing boy immediately fought

    Enough room and enough time are key, particularly with males. I always introduced in an entire room. Blocked off escape routes, pile of hay in the middle, plate of veggies, toys and tunnels and hideys scattered about. Give them several hours (supervised, of course) to explore. It should...
  2. CavyMama

    Hay Gp allergic to timothy hay...

    It's not likely allergies but moreso a reaction to the hay dust which can get into their nose and cause sneezing and can poke their skin causing them to itch.
  3. CavyMama

    Behavior Guinea pigs, keep on going under the pee pads

    I wouldn't use pee pads as guinea pigs will chew on them and the materials can be harmful to them. What kind of substrate are you using in the cage that you don't want them just using that as their bathroom?
  4. CavyMama

    General In need of help!

    Re: to everyone who helped! Please do not start new threads on the same topic. You can just add the update to the original thread. I am merging the two threads to maintain continuity but next time please keep all relevant info together.
  5. CavyMama

    New Owner Needing Help!

    Guinea pigs are prey animals and therefore are skittish by nature. Right now, to her, you are a giant scary monster person. It takes time for guinea pigs to get used to their people and how long it takes care vary from pig to pig. Some warm up after a few weeks, some after months and some may...
  6. CavyMama

    Won't Eat Veggies My guinea pig won't eat vegetables or pellets.

    Pellets are made from hay. As long as guinea pigs are given an unlimited access to hay and they are eating it, pellets aren't necessary.
  7. CavyMama

    Conditions Rocking back and forth??

    He didn't look to be rocking back and forth to me. His head was moving a little but it looked like that was due to his breathing. Nothing unusual there.
  8. CavyMama

    Is it worse to have. your guinea pigs on the cooler or warmer side???

    There's really no need to respond to a post and then respond again quoting what you are responding to. Just once is enough.
  9. CavyMama

    Fur Rare guinea pigs

    Grey/Silver pigs really aren't that rare. It's just a coat marking. I had a silver/white one at one time. Silver agouti is one kind as well. There are many varieties.
  10. CavyMama

    Bathing Leo's First Bath

    Any particular reason you were giving him a bath? Guinea pigs are very good at grooming themselves. Unless their bum is caked in poo, it's really unnecessary.
  11. CavyMama

    Help with? Male and female babies

    Newbabies20 Are you talking about the adults or the babies? Unless one gets fixed, the male and female should never be reintroduced even with lids on the cages. A determined male would climb over the divider with no problem.
  12. CavyMama

    Behavior Switching to girl piggies?

    6 boars in one cage is A LOT and might be contributing to the "boar behavior". I would separate into at least two cages with 3 boars or even better three cages with 2 boars.
  13. CavyMama

    Behavior Guinea pig suddenly screaming/squealing

    Ava, this post is from 4 months ago. Also, I have removed your link to chinchilla wheels since it has nothing to do with the topic.
  14. CavyMama

    New piggy slave!!

    Are your males and females housed separately?
  15. CavyMama

    General Should I have my Guinea pig neutered?

    Like Soecara said, unless you want to house with a female or if you had a chronic impaction issue, there really is no reason to neuter a boar. It doesn't calm them down like it might with a dog. So as long as the cage is appropriately large enough to accommodate two boars (they need more room...
  16. CavyMama

    What breed? What breed are my new girls?

    Uhhh yeah, ditto what bpatters said. 24 pigs for sale is a breeder. That's not even in over her head. They aim for large numbers because large numbers of babies = more money.
  17. CavyMama

    Introductions Female and male pigs living together?

    Switch to a water bottle. Bowls are difficult for guinea pigs to drink from since their noses can get wet which can cause them to ingest some of the water.
  18. CavyMama

    Diet Just double checking

    Canned vegetables are usually preserved in water or syrup. They also tend to be soft/mushy. Raw veggies are what guinea pigs need. It helps with their digestion.
  19. CavyMama

    Introductions Female and male pigs living together?

    Define "excessive". Guinea pigs can drink a lot at once.
  20. CavyMama

    Made this account when i was 11 years old, help deleting

    Hello, Accounts don't get deleted. If you don't want to participate anymore, simply sign out and don't sign back in.