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  1. starshine123102

    Blog Doc update of sorts

    He's so cute! Good luck with the intros!
  2. starshine123102

    Don't know where to post - or what to do

    I'm sorry to hear that you have to surrender your piggies. I'm sure that they will end up in the hands of a loving family. I hope you and your children stay safe and all turns out well in the end for you.
  3. starshine123102

    General So apparently we're picking up a pig tonight

    What an adorable piggie! Love the name too. lol
  4. starshine123102

    Nutrition Is it alright to feed an adult pig the same food as her babies?

    Since the babies are no longer dependent on mom's milk, I would say no, they shouldn't be on the same pellet, or severly limit mom's intake to 1/8 cup per day. Actually, even the babies do not need to be on an alfalfa pellet or hay. If you make sure to give the babies enough calcium rich...
  5. starshine123102

    Completed my New Year's resolution!

    Wow, good job! Congrats!!
  6. starshine123102

    Cuddle Cups or Cuddle Sacks?

    My pigs prefer sacks way over cups. In the sacks they can snuggle as well as hide, whereas in the cups they can only snuggle. Just make sure you ake them big enough to accomodate multiple piggies. My sacks were made while I only had one pig and she is only 1.75 lbs. The one we adopted a few...
  7. starshine123102


    It seems to have fixed itself on it's own. Thanks for all of the advice.
  8. starshine123102


    Thanks. But how do I do that? I have gmail. Also, I have it set up in my gmail so that all emails from GPC are supposed to go to a special inbox.
  9. starshine123102


    Is there a reason that all my GPC email goes into my spam folder and not my inbox all of a sudden?
  10. starshine123102

    Coroplast uregent/Cage/new here

    If you call a sign store they should be willing to sell you some. I know Sign-a-rama (a national chain) sells it, but some give it to you for cheap and others try to rip you off (one wanted $36 the other wanted $90!!!) I find the best way to do it is to go through the yellow pages and call all...
  11. starshine123102

    Blog Yummy Watermelon Salad

    I made a delicious watermelon salad tonight. The only thing I would change is to half the amount of mint and parsley. I made the first recipie. I've never had the second one, but I want to try it sometime. http://elise.com/recipes/archives/007288watermelon_salad_with_feta_or_cotija.php
  12. starshine123102

    Blog C+C cage supplies in england?

    check the Europe forum. Plently of people from the UK have posted places/stores where they have gotten their supplies. If you still can't find any, you can always make an alternative c&c cage.
  13. starshine123102

    Vegetables Green Peppers

    Yes, they need a variety of fresh veggies and the occasional fruit EVERY day. They need a minimum of 1 cup of veggies per day. green peppers are an excellent source of vit. C and can be fed everyday. So can cilantro. Lettuces (except iceburg---none of that ever) should also be fed everyday. I...
  14. starshine123102

    Vet Is a vet check-up in order?

    Radar is developing a bald patch on his back, near his hip. I do see him scratch a bit, but no more than when we first got him. I gave him a dose of ivermectin just in case, but I don't think he has mites. He also is starting to get small recurring crusties on one eye. Could he be developing a...
  15. starshine123102

    Quarantine Safely sanitizing cage & supplies?

    The best way to sanitize is a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar. If there are any hard to get stains off of the cage floor you can cuse 100% vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes than scrub.
  16. starshine123102

    Blog Skittles FINALLY had her babies!

    SOOOOOO cute!! Congrats to you and Skittles!
  17. starshine123102

    Email notifications from forum

    I am still getting my mail.
  18. starshine123102

    Nutrition Hi!! Me and my daughters are new piggie owners

    Hi! And Welcome! Ly & Pigs is right. Those pellets are absolutely terrible and probably have many hazardous preservatives and if it has seeds or dried bits in it is incrediby fattening and can pose a choking hazard. Oxbow should be available at a local feed store and Kleenmamas is available...
  19. starshine123102

    Blog Lola giving me kisses (a video)

    aww very cute.
  20. starshine123102

    Blog Time out?

    It's time to replace it with some new stuff though. At my apartment the washer cycle isn't that intense so I wash fleece and towels together. At my boyfriends house, however, I get tons of furballs on my fleece from the towels and i can't lint roll them off well.