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  1. kanojochan

    C&C Expanded to a 2x15 C&C cage

    SUCH an amazing set up you have there!! All of your piggies are super lucky to have you. The herd looks very well adjusted. Great job!!!!
  2. kanojochan

    C&C 2x5 seems cramped and small

    Sounds like the hiding places and litterboxes are cluttering things up. Do you have a photo? Maybe we can help you clear things out.
  3. kanojochan


    I feel guinea pigs can't be compared to dogs or cats - they're too different. It's in the nature of a dog or cat to come up to you and snuggle. Guinea pigs, being prey creatures, will not be that way by default. Some people are lucky to have an affectionate pig right off the bat, but to tame one...
  4. 20160522_165222


  5. 20160522_165239


    Chiffon is a curious girl~
  6. 2016-05-22-13-26-55_deco_1_


    It's a really lazy Sunday.
  7. downsized to 2x5 :(

    downsized to 2x5 :(

    We moved and had to downsize the cage to 2x5 from 2x6. But the two seem happy enough.
  8. kanojochan

    General which room to put cage in?

    I would choose the room with the most activity. My boyfriend and I currently live together and we have actually turned the living and dining room into our own spaces instead of the bedrooms. The dining room is my crafting space and the boyfriend spends most of this time working on the couch in...
  9. kanojochan

    Coroplast Excited to get more coroplast!

    How exciting!! I just found out this last week that Home Depot's around my area are carrying coroplast in their stores and got REALLY excited. Before that, I always had to go to sign stores and they were only open during the hours I had work so it was a bit if a challenge. Show us pictures of...
  10. kanojochan

    Ferrets Ferret cage liner

    When I had ferrets I made fleece mats that were several layers thick and covered most of the floor of the cage. Then I crowded each level with hammocks and sleeping bags and hideys and there were no problems with digging or moving things around. I also let her out to roam my room freely when I...
  11. kanojochan

    Hay Any green hay this year??

    I live in Southern CA and there has been so much variation in quality of hay this year! The only hay I purchase is orchard because of my allergies to timothy. A month ago I got a flake of orchard grass that was really soft, green, and fragrant. The new flake I purchased last week has a lot of...
  12. kanojochan

    Exercise Lazy boy

    I like to wipe my coro down with a 50/50 solution of distilled white vinegar mixed with water. Moisten a cloth with that mix and wipe away~
  13. kanojochan

    Photos We're back from forum hiatus! An update on the piggles.

    Thanks guineapigsxo! I do like the pine shavings. As you can probably tell, some stray shavings will unavoidably get here and there around the floors. But I like how clean the cage looks with it since the poops get hidden as they mix in, and urine dries out really quickly so there's no odor. No...
  14. kanojochan

    Photos We're back from forum hiatus! An update on the piggles.

    Hello everyone, I've been gone from the forums for a little while and just came back around. It's nice to be back! Since I've last been here our little family lost Buns to a sudden illness. She SEEMED perfectly healthy and normal one night, and the next morning she wasn't. It was a very long 2...
  15. kanojochan

    Sick Suddenly really sick - not eating :(

    Buns is doing much better today! She's eating on her own and has more energy! We have a recheck exam with her exotics vet tomorrow afternoon. So far so good!
  16. kanojochan

    Sick Suddenly really sick - not eating :(

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I've visited these forums. I was hoping to get some feedback from people who have had a similar experience as mine. Late Friday night I went to bed with all 3 piggies being perfectly normal. On Saturday morning I went to feed them breakfast and only...
  17. kanojochan

    Chat Just need to vent right now!

    It sucks that your friend has such low self esteem. It sucks even more that she's projecting it onto such a young child, especially a girl who will be under more pressure as she gets older to look a certain way, given the media that surrounds us all. Your friend needs to let go of the idea that...
  18. kanojochan

    General Tough decision (slightly off topic)

    Fortunately, any place that is accredited will do everything they can to keep their piggies healthy and comfortable. Protocols and care guides are very strictly adhered to. There's a surprising amount of thought and effort that goes into keeping the animals pain and stress free. This coming...
  19. kanojochan

    General I'm happy

    It's awesome that you have a growing herd! :D Those youtube videos of large herds are so cute, especially when they all wheek and popcorn with each other at the same time. Perhaps one day I will have a big herd, too. I thought I was in over my head when I adopted a trio as a first time guinea...
  20. kanojochan

    Cage Cage placement and windows

    Sounds to me like what you have is fine. My cage is set right against a wall of windows :p Part of it gets direct sunlight if I open the blinds early in the morning, but the piggies don't seem bothered by it. There is also the added benefit of having the best air flow right above the cage when...