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  1. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Cage Suggestions for a Hamster

    Sallyvh, that is a nice size cage too. You're a lot more creative than I am. I'm bad at just looking at a cage and seeing what "it is" not what "it could be".
  2. ClemmyOddieIndy

    2 Cute Girlies

    I totally understand being busy, and feeling guilty, but can't you just focus on the future and get through the busy times now? I'm a PhD student, I teach at 4 colleges full time (3 face-to-face with 40 miles between them), I attend classes full time, I live on a horse farm with 40 horses and I...
  3. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Cage Suggestions for a Hamster

    Wow. Those cages look awesome! Thanks for the information. The cage she is in is way too small, and I wanted to get her into a bin cage asap, but I've just been super busy. Getting her was an impulse decision. I went to the shelter looking for a guinea pig because my oldest pig passed away. I...
  4. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Cage Suggestions for a Hamster

    I've adopted a hamster. It's been a while since I've had a hamster. This particular hamster has mad ninja skills. I have her in a glass aquarium (while I work on building a bin cage), with a screen lid. But, the first night she got the screen lid off and escaped. The second night, she got the...
  5. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Behavior Unable to play with my piggies

    That's normal. I've had pigs now for 7 years, and I've never had a pig that was like, "yes, please hold me!" I've had some who were more okay with being held than others, but overall guinea pigs run when you try to pick them up. Even if you were used to it, if a giant hand the size of your body...
  6. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Behavior Not sure what kind of disability this guinea pig has.

    If she does have a mental disability it doesn't mean she can't live a long healthy life. My 3 year old pig Indiana has a neurological problem, likely the result of an untreated ear infection. When I adopted her I was told she would likely not live for more than a few months, when I took her to...
  7. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Fur Pink Guinea Pig!?!?!?!

    My suggestion was going to be the new undiscovered perlino piggy hehe. But, can't pull that off based on that picture.
  8. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Bloated Possible tumor and bloat. Advice needed.

    Growing up on a large horse farm I was taught if they are eating, drinking and pooping then let them live. Not everyone lives by that motto, but it's served me well. To be honest, I'm an optimist though, and I always assume they're going to have better days. I had a guinea pig dying of...
  9. ClemmyOddieIndy

    First-time Pet Parent, Lots to Learn

    I have a 6 year old (almost 7) pig who still hates being held (I've had her 7 years in March). Different animals have different personalities. My 3 year old pig is terrified of me, and my new pig I've had less than a month lets me pick her up without any problem. I've had 5 pigs now, and two of...
  10. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Conditions Guinea pig and Stroke

    If a human had a stroke they would go to the doctor. You do not know for sure your pig had a stroke. You are assuming your pig had a stroke, but there could be other problems that you can't see. For example, your pig could have a tumor or other neurological problem. If you couldn't move would...
  11. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Conditions Guinea pig and Stroke

    I'm not sure where you are, but it might be worth a try to contact the Veterinary Med School at the University of Florida. Sometimes (very rarely, but it doesn't hurt to ask) teaching schools are willing to work with exotics owners because they do not see them that often, and they can use it as...
  12. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Sad Witnessed something horrible!

    Good for you. Do you have mandated reporters? If you do, I suppose you could always claim that you think you are one (or maybe you are one), if she does suspect you were the one who reported her. Or I'm sure the RSPC is a mandated reporter of some type and you could say you wanted them to view...
  13. ClemmyOddieIndy

    General Welcome Home Bambi

    Thanks. Since I use paper bedding it works easier to use bowls because otherwise the paper sticks to the veggies. The hay usually still get everywhere anyway, but it starts out clean.
  14. ClemmyOddieIndy

    General Welcome Home Bambi

    Bambi is the newest addition to the household. Bambi is the apricot and white on the top. Clementine is the black one, and Indiana is just visible in the bottom center (she's brown, tan and white). Bambi is about 1 year old and was adopted from a local shelter. Her name was already Bambi, and I...
  15. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Shelters Dont have a choice

    Have you considered not getting a guinea pig until your situation changes, and you are able to adopt instead of shop? It's part of the joys of maturity, making decisions that stink but are in the best interest of the animals involved. I am sorry you had an accident that scared you from long...
  16. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Impaction Help needed!! I think my piggy is severely impacted!

    Where are you located? Maybe someone knows of a vet closer to you that can help you.
  17. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Lump Abscess or Cyst? What to do? Large Bump Under Guinea Pig's Jaw w/ Pictures

    Having worked at PetSmart, I can tell you from experience, do not take your pig to the PetSmart vet. I decided to try them once because I thought they'd be cheaper than my regular vet. Not only were they about twice what my regular vet was my guinea pig was misdiagnosed and almost died as a...
  18. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Conditions Trouble with walking and balance.

    This looks a lot like how my Indiana was when I brought her home at around 3 months. She has neurological problems. As she has aged (she's 3 now) her behaviors have mostly become "normal", but if she gets excited or scared they come back. She also has scared pig events where she acts like she's...
  19. ClemmyOddieIndy

    General Spaying+Vet Experience

    That's good to hear she's doing better.
  20. ClemmyOddieIndy

    Rehoming Moving Aborad. When to rehome Pigs?

    If you are learning Chinese then being there would help. But, have you considered integrating yourself into Chinese student organizations on college campuses in the U.S? Most of my college friends over the past few years have been Chinese students, and if I was trying to learn Mandarin I think...