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  1. Guinea Pig Papa

    Two years ago.....

    Two years ago today, you left my life. You left in such pain. There is nothing I wouldn't give to have spared you that. You fought so hard for so long I had hoped you could beat anything. You were one of the sweetest, and smartest pigs I have ever seen. Not a day goes by that I don't...
  2. Guinea Pig Papa

    Sick Simon's Medical Thread

    Simon's original medical thread is too old to edit. You can find it here: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/123314-Simon-s-Medical-Thread?highlight=Simon One of the boys has been having VERY mushy poops for the last week or so. Have not been able to pinpoint which one it was...
  3. Guinea Pig Papa

    Teeth Leo's Medical thread

    This is Leo's second medical thread, as his original is roughly two years old and is uneditable. It can be found here. This happened a couple of weeks ago, but it was right in the middle of that banning mess and I'm just getting around to documenting it now. I have a sneaky way of checking...
  4. Guinea Pig Papa

    Remembering Punkin

    Two years ago today, I had to make the decision to send you across the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you every single day, Monkey.
  5. Guinea Pig Papa

    Chat Remembering Pooper

    Remembering my best friend today. Pooper was the first pig I'd had as adult, and he really was my best friend. Miss him dearly. I cannot believe it's been five years.
  6. Guinea Pig Papa

    Hay KMS Bluegrass hay

    Would any of you happen to have a picture of KMS Bluegrass hay? I just made my first order, 10lbs. It wasn't exactly cheap to get it here in Canada. The reason I ask is because I opened the bag, and it looks just like Western Timothy. Seed heads and everything and even looks like a bit...
  7. Guinea Pig Papa

    Chat Happy Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge, Punkin and Scooter

    Happy Birthday, my baby boys. I can't believe today would have been your 5th birthday.
  8. Guinea Pig Papa

    Chat Remembering................

    Remembering my sweet boy Sly today. Gone but never forgotten.
  9. Guinea Pig Papa

    Chat Happy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day!

    From my boys to your furbabies, we all want to wish everyone a Happy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day!
  10. Guinea Pig Papa

    Chat Scooter

    Missing you, baby guy.......
  11. Guinea Pig Papa

    Chat We got an unexpected visit (sort of) from an old friend.

    Hi everyone. Long time forum members will remember my little man Sly. He had a good long life, but it wasn't without it's challenges. He was a dental pig and endured 20 months of dental surgeries, totaling I believe he had 11 in all. We miss him very, very much. One of his favourite toys...
  12. Guinea Pig Papa

    Chat Happy Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge

    Today would have been your fourth birthday, Punkin and Scooter. You are missed beyond belief. The void you both have left behind is immeasurable. I miss you two so very, very much.
  13. Guinea Pig Papa

    Sneezing Simon's Medical Thread.

    Well, here we are again. Some of you may remember that when I first picked Simon up, his former owner told us that she'd given him a bath, and he got a faceful of water. He was very congested sounding, and after a period of waiting to see if it would clear on it's own we took him to the vet...
  14. Guinea Pig Papa

    Chat Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

    Just wanted to wish all my cavy crazy friends here a very happy Guinea Pig Appreciation day! Enjoy your furries today and give them an extra special treat!
  15. Guinea Pig Papa

    Chat Introducing........ Simon!

    First, I need to get this out. I am absolutely heartbroken over Scooter. Just as much with him (and maybe more so) as all of my other pigs. I'm having nightmares and the like over his passing. That said, it's too soon for me to have another pig. Too soon for ME, that is. Leo is a different...
  16. Guinea Pig Papa

    My baby Scooter. I will miss you so.

    It is with the most profound grief I am here right now. I still can't believe I'm here writing this. 24 hours ago, Scooter was standing at the bars begging for a treat when I got up for the day. Maybe a little tired looking, but considering what he'd been through he had days like that. He...
  17. Guinea Pig Papa

    Not Eating Leo's medical thread

    I'm beginning to wonder what I've done wrong in a previous life, or what I'm doing wrong now. Last night Leo was as happy and chipper as ever. Running around having a grand old time. This morning...... nothing. No laps waiting for his morning pepper. Not coming when hes called. Not drinking...
  18. Guinea Pig Papa

    Chat Just something I wanted to share.

    Like pretty much everyone else, I have a few hobbies. One of those hobbies is collecting watches, and I've been on a forum for quite some time now that deals with that subject. Over the years, much like here, I've made some very good friends there. A friend of mine in Missouri ran across this...
  19. Guinea Pig Papa

    It's Introduction Day!

    We are a couple of hours in now and...........Things couldn't possibly going any better. Didn't really realize how lonely Scooter had been, and Leo has never had a friend until now. No teeth chattering, lots of rumbling and mounting from both parties. Looks like Leo wants to be the boss, and...
  20. Guinea Pig Papa

    Chat I would like you all to meet Leo.

    I found myself going through Kijiji this afternoon. I ran across an ad that was 6 days old. Single male piggie needing a home. In a too-small cage, with nails that needed a trim badly. He's a year and a half old. I knew what I had to do. Leo is now home with us. He will have to stay in...