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  1. Dealing with Urinary Tract Stones

    Stones Dealing with Urinary Tract Stones

    Urinary tract stones, also called uroliths, can form in the kidney, the ureter (the tube from the kidney to the bladder), or in the bladder. In guinea pigs, they most often form in the bladder. Stones in the kidney or ureter are very difficult or impossible to treat, and the outcome is usually...
  2. Mites and Lice and Fleas, Oh My!

    Advice Mites and Lice and Fleas, Oh My!

    What kind of bugs does my pig have? Itchy piggies can be mighty unhappy. While there are some skin conditions that can cause itching, the most common cause is parasites -- lice and mites. Fleas can also affect guinea pigs. How does your pig get parasites? It depends. They've all got mites, all...
  3. Avoid these common mistakes!

    Advice Avoid these common mistakes!

    Here's a thread with a summary of what you should NOT do for your guinea pigs. Many pet stores and other internet sites have incorrect information about their care, so we decided to pull a summary together that makes it easier to avoid mistakes that can actually harm your guinea pigs. So...