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  1. mommmyof2

    General Is this normal?

    I have 4 sow's in the same cage and they have a 32oz water bottle. They drink the entire bottle of water in 24 hrs or less. Is this normal for 4 sow's? I'm thinking they are drinking too much water. My 2 boars don't even drink an entire 8oz bottle in 24 hrs.
  2. mommmyof2

    Water Cloudy water?

    I have noticed that my tap water is cloudy. What does that mean? Is it bad for my guinea pigs? Could this be the cause of cloudy urine?
  3. mommmyof2

    Pellets So much

    I have a 50lb bag of sweet meadow farms timothy pellets. I don't think i will be needing all of that so I wanted to know who ever possibly lives near me who would like to take some off my hands.
  4. mommmyof2

    C&C What do you suggest and think?

    I want to build a new c&c cage for my piggies. I want to make a 2x6x3x3 L shaped cage for my 4 girls and a 3x3x2 or a 2x5 for my 2 boys. Do you think those cage sizes are ok for them? And will it be hard to clean out and spot clean? And which do you think would be the best size for my 4 girls...
  5. mommmyof2

    Urine White urine?

    Ok so today I had Oreo and Prince out for floor time and Oreo pee'd on the floor and was like a milky color. What does that mean? Its it calcium in his urine? He hasnt gotten alfalfa pellets or alfalfa hay or any other thing that contains calcium. Very confused
  6. mommmyof2

    How Many? Has anyone had any success doing this?

    So I was wondering, if anyone has had any success with putting 2 neutered males in the same cage with more than one female? Would love to just neuter Prince and Oreo instead of parting with them. Since I've had them, I have come so gosh darn attached to them that thinking about rehoming them...
  7. mommmyof2

    C&C What site?

    I know you can order c&c stuff online cause I have before. I was wondering what the name of the site is that the ladies on here made for c&c cage parts. I forgot what the link was. The prices from them were a bit more cheaper for me to get it from their website than from here: The C&C Cages for...
  8. mommmyof2

    Fleece Piggies chewing through uhaul pad????? Please help

    So when I took it out the cage liner to clean the cage the other day, the uhaul pad part of the liner had been chewed so that the fleece and the uhaul pad were no longer attached. I watched Diamond and Patches(the babies) chew on the uhaul pad part of the cage liner.. What can I do to stop them...
  9. mommmyof2

    C&C What is best

    I want to go back to using a c&c cage. I want to build a 2x6.5 grid cage for my 4 girls and wanted to put a grid stand underneath with 5 storage areas. What do you all think? So I was wondering who has their cage on top of a grid stand and how does it work for you? Would you recommend having...
  10. mommmyof2

    Rehoming Said good bye

    Said good bye to Brownie's 2 boys Tiger and Kato about 2 hrs ago. They both got to go to a good home together. We will miss them, but trust that they will be happy in their new home.
  11. mommmyof2

    Is it possible?

    Is it possible for boars to impregnate females before 3 weeks of age?
  12. mommmyof2

    Lump What causes it and how to treat

    Prince has a lump under his chin. What is it? What caused it? And is a vet visit the only way to get rid of it?
  13. mommmyof2

    Rehoming Adopted

    Chris and his girlfriend came yesterday to look at the baby boars and ended up adopting Princess' 2 boys. I miss them but I know they are in a good home. They have a boar who is about 3yrs old at home. They are very nice people and don't live far from me and will be sending me monthly updates...
  14. mommmyof2

    Weight Is it normal?

    Ok so I have a question. Patches'(Brownies daughter) birth weight was 96 grams and exactly one week later she now weighs 131 grams at a week old. Tiger's(Brownies son) birth weight was 109 grams and a week later he now weighs 143 grams. Cato's(Brownies other son) birth weight was 111 grams...
  15. mommmyof2

    Lethargy What could be wrong?

    I am worried about Princess. She just like plopped down in the cage and layed there. Diamond came and nudge her and she didn't even move. But after 5 mins she got up to eat a bit and drink and layed back down again. What could be going on with her? Could she be depressed for some reason?
  16. mommmyof2

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Anyone in NJ or NY?

    Anyone in NJ or NY looking for male guinea pigs? If you are, then you can respond on here or PM me.
  17. mommmyof2

    Anyone in NJ/Ny/Virgina that needs a kitchen scale

    I have an extra kitchen scale that I don't need. If I don't give it away, i'm going to end up throwing it out. It wasn't a lot of money but it did cost money you know, so I don't want to throw money away. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Please feel from to move it.
  18. mommmyof2

    C&C Thinking about it.

    I'm thinking about going back to using c&c cages. What do you think? Cause I'm thinking that the odor problem I have is also because of the wooden cage? What should I do? Here is a set up of a c&c cage that I would like to build or at least something similar to this:
  19. mommmyof2

    Cage How to and what to use?

    How can I build a kitchen area and with what do you think will work on this cage?
  20. mommmyof2

    Fleece Ugh

    Starting to not like using fleece. Just after 3 days it starts getting stinky. Thinking of going back to carefresh? Any opinions?