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  1. Brandi0509

    Photos And 2 more makes 10!!!!

    A year ago I adopted my first piggies....now I have ten. If you would have told me a year ago that I was going to fall in love with these little creatures and would have a herd of ten, I would have told you that you've lost your mind! :-) But here I am, introducing my newest piggies. They...
  2. Brandi0509

    Photos Update since adding #8!

    Here is my new group pic. Love my herd! (from left to right: Tillie, Sundae, Phoenix, Elephant, River, Memphis, Biscuit and Primrose) They all get along so great....I couldn't have asked for a better herd!
  3. Brandi0509

    Photos Just adopted #8!

    Okay, I decided that my piggy family will be complete once I added a king in the castle. I started looking and I fell in love with a neutered boar at my local rescue. We went for our playdate yesterday and everything went great! Introducing Memphis who is the 8th piggy in my herd (and my...
  4. Brandi0509

    Pellets Unlimited pellets for babies but older pigs in the cage

    I have 7 pigs in one cage: One adult (1 1/2 years) Three 6 month olds Two 4 month olds One 1 month old I know babies should have unlimited pellets usually but should I still do that with the older pigs in the cage?
  5. Brandi0509

    Photos My new piggies

    Here are my two girls I just rescued! Phoenix Tillie Our whole herd: Elephant, Sundae, Biscuit, Tillie, Phoenix, and Primrose Alright MizzyMiz it's my turn! LOL! What are all my girls?
  6. Brandi0509

    Older sister nipping at newborns

    We adopted a pregnant pig and her 1 month old daughter. The mother has just had her litter today and the daughter is 2 months old now. The 2 month old is nipping at the newborns (hours old). There is no blood but she is making the newborns yelp. Do we need to remove the 2 month old? Will...
  7. Brandi0509

    Won't Eat New piggy won't eat anything but carrots

    We rescued a pig 3 days ago. He was being fed only crap pellets (with seeds and etc) and carrots. No hay. The only thing we have gotten him to eat is baby carrots. He is not drinking (from what we can tell). We put Oxbow pellets in there but he won't touch them (I'm guessing since they are...
  8. Brandi0509

    What breed? Here's our newest rescue...any ideas on breed?

    Texel/Teddy mix maybe?
  9. Brandi0509

    Vegetables what is this leafy green?

    My SIL thought she was buying Kale (which this obviously isn't) so she is not sure what she ended up with. Any ideas??
  10. Brandi0509

    Photos Cute little piggy hiney

    Caught one of my piggies taking a nap in the forest and had to snap a picture!
  11. Brandi0509

    What breed? What breed is this piggy

    My SIL rescued a baby and her mom from the Humane Society a few days ago. The momma is an aby but we are not sure what breed the baby is. She is 6 weeks old. She looks either Teddy or Texel to me. Her fur is very coarse. What do y'all think? (the pet store cage was only for the ride...
  12. Brandi0509

    Dominance Male and female(s) pair

    If you have a neutered male in with a female(s), will the male usually always be the dominant pig? Or will a female try to dominate him?
  13. Brandi0509

    saving a CL pig

    I am trying to save this poor pig that got posted on Craigslist last night. We are just waiting for the owner to email us back. It makes me sad and angry at the same time to look at this poor pig! My husband says I have to stop looking at Craigslist because I can't save them all. :weepy:
  14. Brandi0509

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Pneumonia question

    Would pneumonia be considered the same as a URI in a piggy?
  15. Brandi0509

    What breed? My new piggy (#5....I think I have a problem!)

    Here is Duncan and they think she is 1 yr old. She is our newest rescue. She came from the Humane Society (where they obviously did not know how to care for a piggy). She was in a store cage with a salt lick and only a sheet of newspaper for bedding. She was soaked with urine. :yuck: Thank...
  16. Brandi0509

    Just saying hi~

    I am a new piggy mom. Just got our 3 girls 2 days ago. They are 4 weeks old and the cutest babies ever! :) Biscuit is showing her beautiful colors to everyone! This is Elephant (Ellie), Biscuit, and Primrose That's all the pics I have as of right now. I am going to try to get...
  17. Brandi0509

    Diet Need advice on my new babies!

    I am a first time piggy mom. I just brought home 3 babies (sisters...4 weeks old) Saturday. I got them from a woman off craigslist who didn't know how to take care of piggies at all! They have had no handling, no vegetables, and no hay (she said they were too young for all of that when I...
  18. Brandi0509

    C&C Building a C&C cage...need help

    Where can you get the edges that go on the coroplast that keeps them from chewing?