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  1. tntpros

    Tell us about your other pets!

    Your dogs are beautiful(:
  2. tntpros

    Tell us about your other pets!

    Other than my piggies I have 10 other animals. First is Alice. She was my first bunny. She is a lionhead that is very independent. Also it looks like she always has eyeliner one:) These guys are Peeta (the black one) & Primrose (the white and black spotted one). They are lop/lionheads. I am...
  3. tntpros

    Tell us about your other pets!

    other then my piggies, I have 5 rats. this picture just has Truffle and Rosalie. It's hard to get pictures of all the rats together. This is Peeta & Primrose. They are lop/lionheads. This is my first bunny, Alice. She is a lionhead. We are gonna start bonding her with the other bunnies. We...