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  1. nousername

    Newbie here...please don't be mad.

    I got my boy from a pet store too, but he has fungus infection.(it doesn't show until 2 days later...) Pet store told me to exchange him and I was like "WTF? You are not gonna kill it, right?"
  2. nousername

    I need some help my guinea pig got attacked ad now his tooth is completely brokn off.

    I did a research for you, it seems like the tooth is gonna grow back. However, I do notice he has some serious shedding, doesn't he?
  3. nousername

    Bought a pig with weird skin condition, store says return it and they will kill him?

    Hi, everyone. My name is Den and I bought a pig yesterday from Petland Discount. Despite the store name, nothing was actually on sale:yuck: I bought a male 3 month old pig, my brother named him Robbie (Yeah I know, my brother is british...:yuck:) But today, I came to find a bald spot between...