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  1. -Emma-

    Behavior Quick question ?

    Ok so my beloved piggy Russel passed recently, he had arythrtis and recurring teeth problems. We did everything for him, numerous vet visits, I took half an hour every morning to blend his veggies and pellets so he could eat. I came home from school one day to see him lying in the corner not...
  2. -Emma-

    Conditions Teeth Filing

    Ok Im in a rush so I will explain quickly : About a month ago we witnessed my guine pig had crusty eyes weezy breathing ect... we went to the vet and were given medecation to clear up a URI, it was sucessful. About a week later he became extremely lethargic, stiff joints and would not eat, so...
  3. -Emma-

    Sick Sick guinea . . . .

    Ok I just typed my whole guinea history, clicked on preview post, clicked back to find my whole post was gone. Anyways my main question was, I have a guinea that was diagnosed with an URI and was given antibiotics which cleared up his wheezy breathing but did nothing whatsoever for his...
  4. -Emma-

    Bathing Piggy !

    Hi guys not been on here for a while ! Ok so im going to be bathing my piggies I usually put it off as long as possible because I get stressed and so do my piggies. Is it better to bathe 2 piggies at the same time ? Is it better to bathe a piggy in a big bath or a small sink ? How do you...
  5. -Emma-


    Hi there everyone. Im going on holiday on June the 17th for 2 weeks. We need someone to look after the pigs. We have a next door neighbour that offered to look after them but im not to comfortable with them being in the house all alone all day for two weeks because they wouldnt get floor time or...
  6. -Emma-

    Nail Clipping

    Ok so the other day I took both my piggies to the vet to get their nails clipped because I dont like doing it myself. Marty being laid back just let me hold him and the vet clipped them and he was fine, but when it came to russels turn he shrieked and shrieked and squeeled the whole time. She...
  7. -Emma-

    Vegetables Bean Sprouts ?

    I was just wondering if I could feed my guinea pigs bean sprouts ?? Thanks Emma.:)
  8. -Emma-

    I Ran out of pellets !

    Hi there. Im in a real panic because I ran out of pellets earlier today and I cant get any until tomorrow afternoon. Help they keep going into the bowl and there are none there. What will I feed them ?? Will I just give them loads of veggies ? If so how much shall I give them ?? Please help...
  9. -Emma-

    Help please lump :(

    When I was holding my piggy Marty I realised that he had a small black lump ( well its not a lump its hard to explain) where his tail would be (the wee stub) I think beside the grease gland (I think thats what its called) its not big or aything. What could it be ? Oh and also when I was...
  10. -Emma-

    Help !!

    Help my piggie is still walking and eating fine but its like his heart is beating hard inside him and its making him move like he has got hiccups ! Can piggys get hiccups ? It happened once this morning when he was sitting with me and once again just there ! Help what is it ???
  11. -Emma-

    Cookies !

    I found this recipe on the guinea pig fun website does it sound ok ? 1 banana 1/2 cup instant oats 1 tablespoon water 1 tablespoon raisins Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Remove and discard banana peel. Cream banana in a blender. Pour banana cream into a bowl. Stir in the oats. Add water...
  12. -Emma-

    Smoothies !

    This might be a silly question but can guinea pigs have smoothies ? I had innocent smoothie (Its just complete squished fruit and NOTHING else) on my finger and my piggys liked it and they kept coming up for more and more ! In the smoothie there is apple orange bananna strawberrys and...
  13. -Emma-

    Hamster Proof !!

    Hey everyone I have a few questions about hamsters ! 1. Would I have to make my guinea pig cage a closed cage incase the hamster escaped and climbed into the guinea pig cage even though the hamster could get through the holes ??? 2.Seemingly hamsters would bite guinea pigs if they got near...
  14. -Emma-

    Im looking for a bunny

    Im looking for a female bunny ! Im not certain whether im going to adopt one yet but im giving it alot of thought ! I would think seriously if I found one close enough to me ! I would be willing to travel 1 hour there and 1 hour back maybe slightly more ! I live in Ayrshire in Scotland !! Can...
  15. -Emma-

    Veggies !

    Can someone please write down what fruits and veggies you feed your piggies each day ? Can you also mention how many piggies it would feed ! I know that I feed them the right amount but I just want to see what varietys people give their piggies ! Pictures would be good to ! Thanks ...
  16. -Emma-

    Help !

    :weepy: Ok so I suspected my piggies had mites because of bald spots and excessive scratching and I made a vet appointment ! I took them to the vet and she looked at them and said they had a mite infection ! She said they dont usually have guinea pigs in so she would have to order in the...
  17. -Emma-

    Hooting !

    I just heard my piggy hoot ?? HELP ! Has anyone experienced this ? Thats the first time Ive heard a piggy hoot ! HELP ! Emma
  18. -Emma-

    Inverctimin !

    Hi ive got a problem ! Does anyone know where I can buy inverctimin ? Well Ive made a vets appointment for Monday because ive just realised my piggy has a bald spot which I think is mites and the vet will probably treat my piggy with inverctimin ! But what I was wondering was if I could...
  19. -Emma-

    Help mites !

    Hi there I think my piggie has got mites because there is a small bald spot on his back ! Im going to make an appointment today but I might not be able to get one till Sunday, Monday or maybe even tuesday !! Will he be ok till then ?? What can I do to make him feel more comfortable ...
  20. -Emma-


    Are the leads that are bad for guinea pigs also bad for bunnys ? What animal would you go for if you had the choice out of a hamster or a bunny ? Please give a reason Thanks again for all the help ive been given !