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  1. GeekPrincess

    Chat Do you do anything special for your piggies over the holidays?

    I'm going to this year - At least with their liners
  2. GeekPrincess

    Chat How old are you as a guinea pig owner?

    I'm 25 and they are my babies.
  3. GeekPrincess

    Chat Mature Chat?

    I was just about to ask the same thing. I promise I'm both mature and an adult.
  4. GeekPrincess

    Cat Advice

    To keep my cats off the counters I put cookie sheets with water on them, so when they jumped up they landed in water (not much, but my kitties hate water). It was messy but effective.
  5. GeekPrincess

    Cat Advice

    Most cats hate being their carriers, but will survive. And public transport should be fine, just make sure the cat doesn't get jostled too much. Cats do fine home alone. Make sure there is nothing they can easily knock over/spill (like a water cup on a coffee table for example) because cats are...
  6. GeekPrincess


    I've cosplayed as Usagi from Sailor Moon (school girl outfit, S movie outfit, and SuperS movie outfit) Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket, Mikuru Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (battle waitress), a Leafeon (ginjinka - school girl. Original design). I made the Usagi costumes and the...
  7. GeekPrincess

    Significant others and your piggies

    My girlfriend likes them but rarely handles them. I spent most of January in the hospital and she took such good care of them for me. They didn't get as many cuddles or floor time (she hates lifting them because she's scared she'll hurt them) but she swept their poops daily, changed the liners...
  8. GeekPrincess

    Nicknames for your pigs?

    I call them my piggies, or my boys. For nicknames - I don't have a special one for each pig but the big get called sweetie, baby, goofball, furball and brat. Once or twice I've considered rename Pumpkin Houdini because he can be super fast if he wants to be
  9. GeekPrincess

    Post a collage photo of all your pets (don't forget your piggies!)

    My babies
  10. GeekPrincess

    How many fur-babies do YOU have?

    I have 2 Guinea Pigs -Carlton and Pumpkin 4 Cats - Luna, Tawny, Freya, Mickey That's plenty, though I wouldn't mind another hamster one day. Ours recently passed away.
  11. GeekPrincess

    Amazing store for pig supplies!

    I love that site. My mom has been buying stuff for her dogs and my cats there for years. I tend to alternate between there and amazon for stuff, depending on various sales for cat/guinea pig/evil hamster supplies. I can't go into petsmart/petco anymore, my heart just breaks.
  12. GeekPrincess

    Flea control advice please!

    The "wash ALL THE THINGS" is my mom's reaction to fleas. It may be an overreaction. If you can't get to the laundry mat, then just vacuum and toss the mat the cats sleep on. If you do have fleas in the house then I would try to get the laundry mat ASAP. Pick a room, ideal the one closest to...
  13. GeekPrincess

    Flea control advice please!

    Okay. First - breathe. Second - vacuum EVERYTHING and then toss the bag. If it's bag less empty canister and take the trash bag right out. And I mean everything - strip all the beds, vacuum the mattresses. Vacuum the sofa, chairs, throw rugs, anything that can't get tossed in the wash. Third-...
  14. GeekPrincess

    If your pigs could talk, what would they say?

    Carlton: Do I smell apple? Where's my bite? Apples are the best! AAAAPPPPPLLLLLLEEESSS!!! (Seriously, I can't eat an apple without him wheeking at me) Pumpkin: Hi! Is it time for more hay? Or cuddles? Or pellets? Or veggies? Hi! Veggies, then cuddles. Then hay. Why are you putting that on my...
  15. GeekPrincess

    Piggy Pen pal!

    That sounds adorable/awesome but I need to see how much it would cost to mail stuff to the UK
  16. GeekPrincess

    ME: Spider bite or bee sting?

    No matter what it was I'd recommend taking Benadryl and Tylenol/ibprofen help with the reaction and the swelling. Try covering it in a paste of baking soda and peroxide, that should draw out the stinger if there is one. My dad used to put chewing tobacco on my bee stings but I don't know if...
  17. GeekPrincess

    How often do your guinea pigs jump on they're igloo/house?

    Carlton loves to sit on his pigloo and wheek at me as bring them veggies. Or just hop up there when he's running around the cage. Pumpkin has only hopped up on a pigloo once, to imvestigate the little dust pan I had set down on the cage lid.
  18. GeekPrincess

    Other people's first impressions of your pigs

    "Are they okay?" (They were demanding their veggies) "They are so cute!" "Wow! Their cage is so clean!" "Will they eat me?"
  19. GeekPrincess

    I can't be the only one who has done this

    I usually prep their morning veggies before I go to bed, because I am super lazy in the morning. Hopefully, I'll never decide 3am is morning again. They start to wheek anytime they hear the fridge open and close. Especially if they hear crinkling or it's around 11 am or 8pm.
  20. GeekPrincess

    I can't be the only one who has done this

    It's currently 3:20 am here, and about 20 minutes ago I woke from a sound sleep, walked into the kitchen and gave the boys the veggies I had prepped for the morning. I don't know what woke me, or why, half asleep I fed them, but they loved their late night feast, once they woke up. Pumpkin...