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  1. ItsaZoo

    Treats Frozen Treats - Watermelon and Corn Husk

    I’m trying something new to preserve a little summer! I cut up some watermelon into cubes and froze it on a cookie sheet. Once it is completely frozen I can put it in a container and Lacey can have frozen watermelon treats this winter. I already do this with corn husks. I trim the outside...
  2. ItsaZoo

    Fleece Fleece forest is a scary place!

    I was so excited to have the weekend and do something creative. So today I made a fleece forest with pretty pastel plaid on the outside and blue tie dye on the inside. I also made a pillow that just fits the dimensions of the forest. Lacey sat on the other side of the pen for half the day...
  3. ItsaZoo

    Hello everyone! I?m new here!

    This is Lacey, who turned 2 in July. I adopted her in May 2017 from the local humane society. I was actually there to look at adoptable dogs when I decided to take a walk through the small animal room. She came out of her pigloo and stood up to see who I was. I kept thinking about how cute and...