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  1. KaileighRussell

    I'm Back .....

    Hi Michele! I hear you - it's still nice to come to a place and just chat with piggy lovers sometimes too! My landlord was so not impressed with my piggies - but finally got over it when he did an inspection and found they were clean and the room didn't smell. Surprise - because I keep it...
  2. KaileighRussell

    Rescues So Disappointed... Rescue Actually a Breeder?

    I would be hesitant and maybe just get the rescue to confirm which guinea pigs are in fact theirs and which are hers. If you do want to go through the adoption process I wouldn't back out from a rescue just because their foster sucks. After the adoption process is complete - if you choose to...
  3. KaileighRussell

    Cage where are your piggie cages housed?

    My goo bears are in my bedroom currently! They're in a 2x5 cage which will be extended once I have time. They aren't fighting or bickering - I just like the idea of giving them more space :) The one difference now is they have an actual kitchen area compared to that cage pic!
  4. KaileighRussell

    Fleece Where did Brownie go??????

    Bahaha! That completely is reminiscent of me losing Ophy and panicking because my cage is built up a level (surely she would have screamed dropping from that height!) only to notice the hay pile twitch. Moving it aside I see her flat out on her side eating and just looking at me...
  5. KaileighRussell

    Won't Eat Veggies Refusing Bell Peppers

    I've had my girls go through phases where for awhile they just get tired of one thing. I try taking it away for a week or two and then introducing it back! We did this with carrots and apple slices (it was my go to "treat"). That's great that you've started a veggie garden! Maybe mixing up the...
  6. KaileighRussell

    No good, super awful, really bad day.

    We've been given the all clear! Apparently the cat hid under the couch and complained at the guys the whole time - followed by hiding in the bathtub and grumbling. My landlord said I have the oddest creature of a cat. The girls ran and hid and chattered their teeth the whole time - Callie from...
  7. KaileighRussell

    No good, super awful, really bad day.

    I've managed to have absolutely terrible luck... Yesterday night (around 10pm) I get a call from my landlord - apparently pest control is going to going through my apartment with bed bug dogs today from 10-noon. That gave me no time to get home and be there for this and has had me leaving my...
  8. KaileighRussell

    Bonding bonding my girls

    Take them to a neutral zone - on a blanket that they've never been on before. Put some food and hay down and just let them work out any dominance issues. As long as they're not drawing blood they're okay. I would wait until she's all healed up first, and don't separate them after they're...
  9. KaileighRussell

    Coroplast Coroplast kitchen area i made gets condensation/wet underneath, any fixes/help?

    Is your water bottle leaking at all or near the kitchen? It may be leaking on to the fleece and just staying trapped under the kitchen instead of drying like fleece exposed to the air does. I know that if piggies pee near the edge of the kitchen which can cause the pee to get caught under the...
  10. KaileighRussell

    How did you ?

    I was previously going to adopt two boars - but stumbled across two girls free to a good home on Kijiji - I had already had my heart set on one name so it stuck. Gatsby - After my favorite novel of all time. Oph (Ophelia) - after my favorite Shakespearean play. Ophelia was shortened to Oph...
  11. KaileighRussell

    Conditions I have adopted two piggies with head tilt - one more severe than the other. Care?

    Keep us updated! I believe that my Callie was most likely bought from a store a couple of weeks prior to my adopting her from the owner. She HATED veggies and fruit - it's been 6 months and we've just warmed up (mostly through my other two adoring fruit and veg and leading by example!) Let us...
  12. KaileighRussell

    Keeping Warm It's blizzarding and I might lose power!

    Ohmygod! 0 degrees and I'm out in a light sweater! 20 degrees is one of the higher temperatures for our summer - that's like tank top and shorts weather! It's crazy how people are acclimated to different weather! I am so used to the colder weather - I remember walking to high school in PJ...
  13. KaileighRussell

    The best way to kill a spider?

    WITH FIRE!! LOTS OF FIRE!! In reality I feel like spiders would be the most gentlemanliest of all bug creatures (if they could talk). They just seem like they would all have cute little british accents and monocles. We live up north and get a ton of big birch spiders - but luckily they hang...
  14. KaileighRussell

    Neutering/Spaying Vet says NOT to Neuter?!?

    BNCavy91 - it sounds to me like she's had a really negative (or a few) experiences neutering and spaying guinea pigs and just has chosen not to do it. I would say that if she's not comfortable doing them for personal reasons she should state she's not comfortable doing so, not discourage someone...
  15. KaileighRussell

    Frustrated Dirty little pigs!

    I use cuddle sacks and fleece tunnels but I HAVE to have a kitchen area in order for them not to be absolutely disgusting. My girls are on Yesterdays News cat litter for their kitchen area which is just awesome. I vacuum out the cage daily and shake out the cuddle sacks daily as well. I'm...
  16. KaileighRussell

    Keeping Warm It's blizzarding and I might lose power!

    When I was back home in Northern Ontario we ended up losing power when it was -65 c. I made sure that the girls had plenty of fleece and cuddle sacks and when it got really cold I took turns taking them out to snuggle (only time they were happy for lap time). If it's only for a bit you should...
  17. KaileighRussell

    Conditions I have adopted two piggies with head tilt - one more severe than the other. Care?

    My girls are a $90.00 fee just to be generally checked out - per pig! I'm sure my wallet would throw itself out the apartment window with my bank account if it could haha. Honestly though, it's worth the money for a great vet who knows their stuff. Vet care is bloody expensive but preventative...
  18. KaileighRussell

    Conditions I have adopted two piggies with head tilt - one more severe than the other. Care?

    Yes! Keep us updated when they're back from the vet! I would suggest keeping the two new girls on their own until they're cleared by a vet. My brain didn't include the fact you had a third pig - I definitely would not suggest keeping three in a 2x4. I know that 2x5 is the minimum - my girls...
  19. KaileighRussell

    Quarantine I guess I defeated the whole purpose?

    In addition to airborne viruses mites and fleas are transmitted through touch. If you're pigs are in the same room but no in contact with each other they will not pass mites/fleas. Still keep the quarantine going for the 2 weeks, you don't know what she could have picked up at the vet. Because...
  20. KaileighRussell

    Photos Who here has Abyssians? - Photo/Anything Abyssian Thread

    Brandi0509 Callie's butthawk is something to behold! It's funny - it's the only place that she has long hair - the rest of her is that whorly abby hair. Butthawks are fantastic things - when they get big enough and she zoomies around she gets static cling to EVERYTHING in the cage!