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  1. Field-of-Dreams

    Grids Has anyone used this company for grids?

    http://www.storesupply.com/pc-13501-518-3-w-x-3-h-black-mini-grid-unit-with-back-30201.aspx Looks reasonable....
  2. Field-of-Dreams

    Pregnancy The difference between fat and pregnant?

    I adopted/rescued two piggies from CL. Both are large piggies. Looking down on them, they are pear shaped. The owner did say she had a male, now whether or not he was living with them, I don't know. Both are rather round. I did hold Tumble last night, but didn't feel anything moving. I'll try...
  3. Field-of-Dreams

    Joy When friends are enablers.....

    My good friend tagged me in a Facebook ad about two young male piggies for sale. With Christmas so close, I just didn't have extra for buying anything right now, and posted "no room at the inn". (One can ALWAYS make room.... :D ) A day later the lady PMs me, saying she'll GIVE me the piggies...
  4. Field-of-Dreams

    Sick Edema everywhere- grossly swollen piggie.

    What in the world would cause mass edema on a pig in the space of hours? Ivy went from totally fine at bedtime to grossly swollen at breakfast. I mean, her WHOLE body from head to rump- she had a double chin and everything. By the time I got dressed, she was gone. None of the other six girls...
  5. Field-of-Dreams

    Two adult sows and two baby sows for adoption! Fort Worth TX area

    Sorry, I tried to post on GPZ but the site isn't loading for me..... I rescued several piggies from Craigslist to save them from being snake food, naturally one was pregnant! I have two adult sows and two one-month-old sows for a minor adoption fee. I would prefer the babies be adopted...
  6. Field-of-Dreams

    Sad PTSD in piggies?

    Think it's possible? Backstory: I adopted/rescued/purchased a piggie from an ad on Craigslist a few weeks ago. Very pretty texel girl. $40 for both her and her cage. So I get there to pick her up, she's in a small but decent petstore cage, hiding under the "balcony". I notice the seller also...
  7. Field-of-Dreams

    Sounds Dear Sundae....

    It is NOT OK to sleep flat with your eyes half open, and it is NOT OK to not move when I call out to you. It's also NOT OK to not move when I touch you. It is NOT OK to look like you're gasping. You gave me heart failure. And don't look so surprised when you realize I AM trying to pick you...
  8. Field-of-Dreams

    Adopt vs. Buy "But I consider him a rescue!"

    It's written for dogs, but you can easily substitute piggies and get the exact same issue. “I consider him a rescue.” | Ruffly Speaking by Joanna Kimball Here's how it goes: Person A shows up with a puppy. Person B says "Oh, such a cutie! Where'd you get him?" Person A says "Well, I got...
  9. Field-of-Dreams

    Anyone read the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries?

    The last one was released on Monday- I got my copy today. :D From what I've heard, this will be the last book in the series.... :( I am a voracious reader- I can read a book in under one day. My problem with THIS one will be making it last more than one day! I bring a book to work and read...
  10. Field-of-Dreams

    Joy Da Boyz!

    I don't think I've ever posted pix of the boys! I finally got some pretty nice ones: This is Mouse. He always reminds me of those Japanese cartoon characters, where the hero has a cowlick falling into his eyes all the time! This is Turtle. Now, he's got a rooster tail! He only has long...
  11. Field-of-Dreams

    Sounds TV Commercial

    Did anyone see the Samsung (?) commerical with all the animals barking/meowing/squeaking/whatever in it? Is it my imagination (he goes by so fast!) or is the piggy that wheeks a CHINCHILLA??
  12. Field-of-Dreams

    Godspeed, Squiggy (2008?-2012)

    Came into the living room and he was gone. Looked like he was sleeping, but he was not. He was the BEST piggy. Loved to be petted- he never ran away when you came over, loved skritches and rubs. I've never seen a piggy like that. Didn't mind being picked up and held. Wasn't afraid of the dogs...
  13. Field-of-Dreams

    Sounds Silent piggie?

    Does anyone have a piggie who makes NO noises, whatsoever? Mama hasn't made a sound since I adopted her. Not a peep. She watches me all the time in her cage, doesn't mind being held at all. Comes to the front for her veggies. Now, the others ALL sound off when I come home, when I open the...
  14. Field-of-Dreams

    What do you collect?

    Besides piggies... :) I collect model horses. Mostly Breyers, some Peter Stones, Hagen-Renakers, Beswicks, North Light and other pretty ones. I've been an addict for, um.... forty years. Got my first Breyer, "Misty" in 1972. A one point I *think* I had over 3000 models. I've cut way back and...
  15. Field-of-Dreams

    Joy What drew you to piggies?

    Just curious- what draws you to piggies? The look? The way they act? The sounds they make? All of the above? :D I just find them fascinating. The silly things they do, the way they greet me when I come home (yeah, they just want snackies, but still....), the cute pouty lips, all the different...
  16. Field-of-Dreams

    Neutering/Spaying Oldest you ever neutered a boar?

    What is the oldest boar you ever had neutered? Squiggy is at least four years old, Milo is still a pup. Texas has a low-cost spay and neuter program and they do guinea pigs, too. I'd love to get both boys done, so they can share a cage with the girls (Not together, of course!!)
  17. Field-of-Dreams

    Joy OK, I was bad...

    But define "bad"...:D I saw two piggies on Craigslist last night pretty close to where I live (and I live in the sticks- 25 miles outside of Fort Worth!) and they were free! So, I thought about it all night long. I was worried they'd become snake food or harmed in some way... so, today I...
  18. Field-of-Dreams

    Hiding Why is it....?

    When my piggies are in their cages they run when I walk by. Yet, when I take out all the hidies to change fleece they are fine and sometimes a PITA because they won't move when I need to put the fleece down and smooth it out! :D Last night it was like bumper cars- put down the fleece on the...
  19. Field-of-Dreams

    Vet Dumb neutering question

    Really dumb question, but I am curious, as I've never heard any thing about doing this... Since male piggies temperments do not change with neutering and castrating them can be dangerous because of the open inguinal canal, has vasectomy ever been considered a viable alternative? Just wondered...
  20. Field-of-Dreams

    Hay Hay on sale!

    Tractor Supply has their large 3lb bags of LM hay on sale for $4.99 a bag! I bought two bags yesterday and will be back to get more before it goes off sale (April 30?) The bags I got were VERY nice, soft and green!