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  1. T_Licious

    General My new vacuum

    is GREAT!! I had to save up and wait a couple months to get this one, as it is expensive, but it is proving to be sooo worth it!! This is the one I bought Amazon.com: Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Flex Vacuum: Home & Kitchen I was originally going to get a lithium...
  2. T_Licious

    Anyone ever transport a dog across the country?

    I am trying to rescue a dog in California and I live in CT. Does anyone have any experiences to share, tips, or resources?
  3. T_Licious

    Puberty As cute as baby piggies are

    I don't think I could ever own one again! :grumpy: I have 2 sisters that I adopted when they were 7 weeks old. They are going through puberty now and they are so stinkin' bratty!! I have them in with an older sow and an older neutered boar. The two of them are such trouble makers, both trying to...
  4. T_Licious

    Hay Now for my next trick

    I will figure out where to store 60 lbs of hay :o I can't wait until my piggums get their first taste of KMS 2nd and 3rd Timothy, and Bluegrass! :D
  5. T_Licious

    Abscess Captain Noodles and his abscess

    My poor guy :( Today was supposed to be get to know your girlfriends day and instead he ended up with a super long crazy car ride and emergency surgery in the middle of the night. *sigh* Noodles and the girls were getting a bath together and getting all spiffed up for their moving in together...
  6. T_Licious

    Photos Breakfast at our house

    Simple early morning breakfast for 6 lol They have red leaf lettuce, a small amount of parsley, and a few carrot shavings. They get the rest of their food at dinner, which is fancier than this (it involves actual cutting of things lol). When I am also taking care of the 3 kids they get what I...
  7. T_Licious

    Photos My new girlie Bella-what is she?

    lol We can't decide. I apologize for the horrible cell phone pics. She is a VERY busy little girl! After a lot of back and forths with the rescue owner and Bella's former owner, lots of confusion on if she was a female for real, and the 2.5 hr round trip yesterday, she is home! They estimate her...
  8. T_Licious

    Neutering/Spaying Both boys have surgery this morning

    I am so nervous! It was so hard to drop my piggums off this morning :( I'm going to clean their cages now and pass the time before the vet calls. Then I will read all the threads and links one last time before they come home lol
  9. T_Licious

    Weight Typical weight gain for a rescue?

    How much weight gain is typical for a rescued pig? I am assuming Star did not have lots of fresh veggies and unlimited hay at her old home. I'm just not sure how much weight gain is ok. She has gone from around 1011g to 1054g. We got her Nov 11, and the shelter had her from Nov 3 but they didn't...
  10. T_Licious

    Fighting Sisters suddenly fighting

    The 2 sisters I recently adopted seem to be extra cranky now. I can handle that, but today seems to be brawling day. Could it be that they are in heat and just tick each other off? This was chattering and nosing off and trying to leap at each others faces. Anyone have 2 same aged sows that do...
  11. T_Licious

    How Many? Anyone have 3 in a 2x4?

    Specifically one neutered boar and 2 younger intact sows? The sow we were in the process of adopting is actually a boar. Once again , someone on my craigslist is giving away totally free 2 piggies. This time they are a pair of 4 month old sows. I cannot expand to 2x5 as much as I would love to ...
  12. T_Licious

    My toddler is a good sharer with the piggies

    We just "caught" her (we have a little port hole thing cut into the wall, like a mom spy hole) sharing her apple with Noodles. As in a bite for Noodles, a bite for Chloe. A bite for Noodles, a bite for Chloe. She was so proud and told me Noodles said the apple was "ummy". :D:D:D
  13. T_Licious

    Rehoming Can someone help this little guy?

    I'm not sure where to put this, so I apologize if I put it in the wrong place. If there is anyone in CT/RI/Southern MA who can open their home up to a baby boar, he is listed here...
  14. T_Licious

    Conditions Does gas make a clicking noise?

    I sure hope so because the sow we recently adopted had a really clicky stomach last night at lap time. I could hear it from the distance from my lap to my ears sitting up.
  15. T_Licious

    Strange shopping request

    Does anyone know if there is a stuffed guinea pig out there that looks like an agouti? My son is really taking Nadia's passing hard. When our cat died a few years ago, my daughter took it hard and was very comforted by a puppet cat we found with similar markings. I would love to do the same for...
  16. T_Licious

    Joy This is huge for Noodles!!

    He has never been this relaxed on me before! Shortly after this he passed out and looked like he was having little piggums dreams :heart: I let him sleep until my legs fell asleep and I could not sit still any longer. I didn't want to disturb him though :o
  17. T_Licious

    Adopting Help me name my new girls!!

    Our new girls are finally here :heart: They were born 9/14/12. They are in with our other girl, Star, and I might want to rename her as well, since I have never loved that name for her. The clearest one I could get at intro time: Baby A lol: From the top Baby B: The other color she has...
  18. T_Licious

    Adopting My new girls

    These lovely little ladies will be joining our home (from a reputable rescue foster mom) next week! I can't wait to meet them, they look and sound so adorable! :heart: Now off the frantically babyproof because I have never had little piggies before. They were born 9/14.
  19. T_Licious

    Behavior My abby is a troublemaker!

    He is like having another toddler :crazy: Every day when I sweep out his poops he tries to climb in the dustpan, gets so close it's almost impossible not to knock him in the noggin with the broom, and generally loves getting in the way. My other piggies clear the area when I sweep but it's like...
  20. T_Licious

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Nadia is sick

    A little background: We adopted Nadia on Sunday from the Humane Society, along with her cagemate Star. She is estimated to be around 2 years old, and Star is 1.5 years. They had been at the HS for only 5 days. You could tell they were in need of a little TLC. Both were dirty, had poo stuck on...