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  1. Candalalala

    Urine Blood in pee

    My two and a half year old piggy, Apple, has blood in her pee. She hasn't been acting strange but I was still able to tell it was her out of the four I have running around during floor time. She doesn't seem in pain but I know they can hide their pain well. Her normal vet closed an hour ago and...
  2. Candalalala

    Rumblestrutting Guinea pigs arguing/ not sure what to do

    I have three guinea pigs. Caramel, a neutered boy, and his sister Apple, and then PB, whom I adopted in February. Caramel and Apple are 2 years old while PB is an estamated one year old. Caramel is the gentleman alfa, he never squabbles and doesn't blink an eye when he's mounted. However, PB and...
  3. Candalalala

    Lump Apple's Medical Thread

    I remembered noticing Apple's dewlap was quite noticeable a few days ago. I thought it was normal since she's a year and a half now, but her brother lacked it... I've been under a lot of stress lately and it did not cross my mind to pick her up and check. Today I picked her up for a Zoom meeting...