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  1. wheekermommy

    Rabbits Advice Needed Neighbor Keeping Rabbit Loose on Apt Patio

    Hello all, I have a dilemma, that I need some advice on the best way to resolve. I have noticed in my apartment complex, that my neighbor is keeping their pet rabbit on the patio. It is a first floor, fenced in patio with concrete. I have checked in the early morning, afternoon, and late evening...
  2. wheekermommy

    Weight Overweight Guinea Pigs

    Hello, I recently took all my guinea pigs to an only exotic vet clinic for nail trims and check ups. They mentioned that all of them are slightly overweight with my male being the worst off. I think she said for a body shape he is a 7 on the scale (with 4 being ideal). I know animals being...
  3. wheekermommy

    Introductions Injuries after introductions, can they be left together?

    So last Friday I introduced my neutered boar and two sows together. After lots of rumblestrutting and chasing I put them all together in the freshly cleaned cage with all new fleece/tunnels and hideys. I have heard some noise and them chasing each other but all seemed well so I left them alone...
  4. wheekermommy

    Stands Questions on two grid high cage stand

    Hi all! Does anyone have a cage built two grids high off the ground? What do you think of it, is it easy to clean? Is it sturdy? I would love to have all the storage underneath so am considering adding another grid height when I combine 2x6 and 2x3 cages this Friday. I just wanted to hear...
  5. wheekermommy

    Pigsitting Any Pig Sitters Located in Mass?

    Hello all, I am trying to find a reliable sitter to watch my three piggies and cat in August. Does anyone have any recommendations or would be interested? I have a coworker I could ask but I would really prefer someone who is a cavy lover and familiar with fleece liners. My last person...
  6. wheekermommy

    Neutering/Spaying Post neuter questions: probiotic, incision cleaning

    Hello I got my boar Loki neutered yesterday. The did injection painkillers at the hospital but just sent me home with antibiotics (Enrofloxacin) .5mL 2x/day. I tried asking for painkillers but was assured he should be fine and most piggies don't need them. So far everything is going well :)...
  7. wheekermommy

    Bonding Boar and sows smelling/living near each other before neuter

    After finding a cavy savy vet I will be getting my boar neutered, hopefully next Friday, so he can live with my two sows. Until then it was mentioned to me that I exchange their fleece bedding to get used to each others scents. Also that I house them near each other so they can interact through...
  8. wheekermommy

    Medications Which critical care to get?

    Hello, I have my guinea pig scheduled to be neutered next week. I don't have any critical care and thought it would be good to have just in case. I looked on Amazon and found the following flavors: -Oxbow Fine Grind -Oxbow Apple and Banana -Oxbow Critical Care -Sherwood SARX Recovery food Does...
  9. wheekermommy

    General Rehome, live alone but near girls, or neuter?

    I need advice on what is the best course of action for my 3 year old boar. Background on him, I unexpectedly acquired him from someone who I had helped out with his care and could no longer keep him so asked if I would take him. She cared for him the best she knew how but he never got floor...
  10. wheekermommy

    General Should I handle my piggies more?

    Is it necessary/important to bonding to handle piggies daily? My nightly routine with my piggies is put a little low front basket into the cage that they jump into, I use that to carry them into their pen for floor time. Then they hop back into the basket and I put them back into their clean...
  11. wheekermommy

    Cute Adult Male for rehoming in Massachusetts

    I already posted on Guinea Pig Zone with no luck so wanted to post here as well. Is anyone looking to add a 3 year old boar to their herd? He has lived alone his whole life so I think he would really enjoy the company of other piggies. Currently he enjoys listening to my girls. I am fostering...
  12. wheekermommy

    Fur Fur greasy stuck together, but way above grease gland

    Hi all, So my guinea pig Little Bear has a had a greasy spot on her back for quite some time now. My vet told me it was just her grease gland that is becoming active. However, I was looking at pictures and the area is much higher then above an imaginary tail. I took a closer look and I...
  13. wheekermommy

    Cage Helping an in need pig, need ideas please

    Hi all, So I found out from a friend that they know someone 2 hours away that was looking for a free guinea pig cage. I asked why, turns out this poor male piggy has been living by himself in a 20 gallon aquarium for a year now. His owner got him as a gift and had no idea that was not the the...
  14. wheekermommy

    Rehoming Heart torn and confused, should I rehome?

    Thank you for reading this post. I am really torn on what I should do. I am thinking of rehoming my two girls. To be honest I never considered getting a guinea pig but when I found out my friend was keeping a lone girl in the closet I couldn't just leave her. Learning piggys need a friend I...
  15. wheekermommy

    Pigsitting Looking for Piggysitter in Metrowest Massachusetts

    Hello all, I am trying to find a pet sitter for my two girls in Massachusetts July 1-10. Any ideas on how to find a reliable sitter? I have tried craigslist but haven't found anyone I really like yet. I don't have any pig knowledgeable friends and unfortunately my family are all in different...
  16. wheekermommy

    General Question about floor and lap time routine

    Hello, Thanks to all the wonderful information on this website my little girls Luna and Little Bear are slowly getting more comfortable. I have been reading about how important lap time is so I wanted to know if my routine is an okay substitute. Unless I have to stay late from work I take both...
  17. wheekermommy

    General Overwhelmed prioritizing care for new quarantined piggies

    Hello, I just adopted two female guinea pigs, Luna and Fluffers(not real name, husband and I can't agree on name yet) Both are in different rooms being quarantined from one another. Besides feeding them fresh veg, water and cleaning their bedding what should be my routine for them? How often...
  18. wheekermommy

    Hello from the East Coast

    Hello! I am new to the world of wheekers but love to learn everything I can about proper care of critters. I have one senior kitty who is more interested in hay then he is about guinea pigs lol. I just became the proud mom of my little Luna today. She actually was a friends guinea pig that I...