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  1. Josie's Mom

    Lice or mites?

    I've done some reading about mites and lice on the forum, but I'm not sure I know which are which. I'm thinking we have lice, but I'm not sure. Here's what I'm seeing. Josie and Lucy are both itchy, and both have dry, flaky skin. I've found a couple of tiny white or yellowish parasites on...
  2. Josie's Mom

    Introduction taking a while

    Hey everyone, I introduced Josie and Lucy last Thursday night. My husband and I started out on opposite ends of the couch with a pig on each lap and towels on the couch inbetween. They started out pretty indifferent towards each other. Then Lucy ventured down to the towels to get some...
  3. Josie's Mom

    Coroplast seams

    Hey everyone! I have a question about the coroplast seams on Josie's cage. I cleaned it out today and urine had gotten into the seams and between the folds in the corners. We've been thinking about sealing the seams permanently with some caulk. What is the best way to handle this? Has...
  4. Josie's Mom

    My little poo factory!

    My little bitty Josie poo'd 281 times in 24 hours! Hilarious! Has anyone else seen numbers like that? We were very impressed. On a related poo note, when I was little I had a rabbit and we'd use his poo on the garden. My little sister, then six, was helping my mom in the garden. She picked...
  5. Josie's Mom

    New piggy very inactive

    We brought Lucy home from the shelter five hours or so ago, and she hasn't moved since I put her in her cage. She's in Josie's old cage and old hidey house, which I scrubbed with vinegar. She hasn't hardly even sniffed the veggies I put in there. Is she just fearful of her new surroundings...
  6. Josie's Mom

    Teeth trimming?

    I don't know if this question goes here, but... Is there any reason a piggy would have to have his/her teeth clipped?
  7. Josie's Mom


    We lost Oliver last spring. He had a fractured toe that got infected. We took him to our cavy savvy vet several times and did all that we could. He always made me smile. He's his famous circus elephant pose. :love:
  8. Josie's Mom

    Hi everyone!

    I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jen, and my husband Trent and I have a darling little piggy named Josephine Louise. We call her Josie for short. Trent calls her Pretty Pig. We adopted her in March from the Animal Rescue League. She has a nifty 2x3 C&C cage with a 1x2 loft, and she...