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  1. PiggieMom

    Two bonded females in Michigan

    For adoption: Two female guinea pigs (neither are spayed). One pig is black and white and is at least five years old, her name is Rogue. The other pig is an orange and white abby named Penny. She is less than two. Rogue and Penny are a bonded pair and MUST go together. They’re both sweet...
  2. PiggieMom

    Female Abby in Lapeer MI in bad shape

    This posting breaks my heart. I wish I could rush in and save her. That "bag balm" they're using is unsafe for pigs and won't get rid of that gal's mites. I'm also wary at their claim that the pig's bumblefoot "went away on its own". I'd be willing to help with a piggie train for getting her if...
  3. PiggieMom

    Male Pig in Michigan

    Hello everyone! Some of you might remember me. I used to be active a year or so ago when I had a lot more free time on my hands. My name is Christine and me and my husband are the proud piggie parents of five! I’ve come back because we are looking for a loving forever home for our...
  4. PiggieMom

    Update on OPM

    So, I know I've been missing lately. I've been having a really hard time in school and just really stressed out, so I've been spending a lot more time playing SK and trying not to think about stuff. I just thought I'd pop in though and tell everyone that I'm alive and kind of well. This...
  5. PiggieMom


    As many of you know I play a text based fantasy game called Shattered Kingdoms. (www.shatteredkingdoms.org). The character I am currently playing is my first serious character. My others have been goofy folk who I was just using to help me explore and learn the game, to get my feet wet so to...
  6. PiggieMom

    Bunnies Can Act!

    If you haven't seen the 30 second Bunny Reenactments of our favorite movies, well, you just haven't lived! My favorites include Jaws, Rocky Horror, and the Shinning. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! :cheerful: Angry Alien Productions: 30-Second Bunnies Theatre and other cartoons.
  7. PiggieMom

    Happy B-Day Magic Taco!

    Happy birthday! Piggie kisses and best wishes from me and my crew. :birthday:
  8. PiggieMom

    My avatar vanished?

    Anyone know how/why my avatar vanished? If there was a problem with it and a mod took it off that's not a problem I would just like to know. I signed in today and it was randomly gone. I don't have it on my computer either, since I have since gotten a new computer. I just wonder if it was...
  9. PiggieMom

    Local Shelter Overwhelmed.

    I know that all of you know about the overpopulation problem. In my county they have a huge problem with dogs. The local humane society has even bought air time on our public access channel to show off their dogs in hopes of getting people to adopt them out. I accidentally turned it on. Dozens...
  10. PiggieMom

    Veg*n Nutrisystem's Vegetarian Plan

    Well I've been on a lot of diets. Although I could stand to loose weight, that is not my primary concern. I like to find an easy way to eat healthy. I find it gives me more energy and helps with my IBS and anxiety disorder. So I was researching diet plans that took Vegetarianism into...
  11. PiggieMom

    Dog Adoption Help Needed

    I've been looking for a home for my younger sister's beagle for over two years. My sister has had some personal problems which has caused her to run from home to home for all of her teenage life. Many family members have come together to take care of this dog over the years. My sister has had...
  12. PiggieMom

    Lady in the Water

    If you haven't seen it I really encourage you too. I thought it was a scary movie so I was dubious, but it only made me jump a couple times (and I'm a huge chicken). It's really more like a fairy tale. It was a great story with great visuals. I cried and laugh and the plot kept me guessing. It...
  13. PiggieMom

    Discount Underpads

    Okay, I've been experiementing with bedding since I got the pigs in May. First I made a cage blanket with fleece on top, then badding, then towels. It worked really well, but it wasn't sewn together well (I did the whole thing by hand since I am currently lacking a sewing machine) and sort of...
  14. PiggieMom

    WindeSpirit's Cage Blankets?

    Has anyone used WindeSpirit's (from GL) cage blankets? I think they look really neat and I've been looking into buying a couple sets for my cage. If anyone has any experience with them, let me know. Blankets
  15. PiggieMom

    Question about poops

    I have noticed that my girls poops are smaller than my boys. They all poops frequently, drink lots of water, eat lots of hay and are very good about eating their veggies. Has anyone else noticed this between boys and girls or younger pigs and older pigs (the other difference between the two groups)?
  16. PiggieMom

    Can't Wait for School to Start?

    It sounds odd. I've been in school since age three. I'm nineteen, soon to be twenty. I've always dreaded the beginning of school. It was the end of my summer freedom. Even when I started working during the summer at sixteen, I still hated going back to school because that meant I had to work and...
  17. PiggieMom

    Best Bra I Ever Bought!

    Seriously! Best bra ever. Period. Playtex 18 hour bra. It's $26.00. I'm a 40DD. I have never had a bra I was comfortable wearing. Never. It always dug in here, hurt my shoulders, and I still didn't feel supoorted. I took a risk and bought this one bra to try it out. To my surprise when I took it...
  18. PiggieMom

    Instant Messaging Me?

    I have all my contact information listed in my profile. I have this because I would have no problem with people on this forum contacting me, and I'm not scared of a troll doing so I'd just block them. However, the last time I was signed into AIM I had two unknown people contact them. I have my...
  19. PiggieMom

    Happy B-day Teria!

    Happy b-day! May all your wishes come true.
  20. PiggieMom


    My boys are coming up on the five month mark. Up until this week they have gotten along great. It is now as if they suddenly hate each other. I swear I am cursed with angry pigs. They boys have been teeth chattering and mounting like crazy the past week. And last night Felix (who up until this...