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  1. DuckBrain.F

    Feet Tips for nail clipping

    My guinea his due for his nails to be clipped and as I haven't done it before I am a bit nervous and unsure of the best way to do it. I would prefer to take him to a professional to have his nails clipped but where I live in Australia there aren't many experts close by. Any tips would be great :)
  2. DuckBrain.F

    Biting Biting - still learning the difference between a bite and nibble? Tugging with teeth?

    My Guinea has started to bite a bit more than his normal affectionate nibbles and I'm worried he might be unhappy or unwell rather then his natural Guinea pig jumpiness. He is very comfortable around me but will bite my fingers from his cubby if he particularly doesn't want to be picked up. Of...
  3. DuckBrain.F

    Diet What NOT to feed your Guinea

    I'd like to think I'm pretty onto it but what fruit and veggies should you definitely not feed your Guinea?
  4. DuckBrain.F

    Cage DIY Play Cage

    Does anybody have any diy ideas for a play cage set up perhaps just using cardboard boxes to make levels and mazes? With a very energetic Guinea I don't want him getting bored and chubby :) if I can make a simple and disposable set up each week it might be a fun way it mix things up for him.
  5. DuckBrain.F

    Re-entering the Guinea world

    Hi there, My name is Kelly and my handsome Abyssinian is named Duck :) he is 6 months old and loves exploring with his friends <3 I have owned many guinea's over the years and am excited to share some knowledge and learn some new tips and tricks :)