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  1. Patchatch

    Grids Finally Found Grids C:

    These are absolutely impossible to put together, so I sarcastically thank anyone who ever made it seem easy. Grids, meet wall. :/ Still. I'm going to need to put a top on the grids but I'm not sure it will hold my cat who likes to climb on things. I could do the grids 2x2 or 2x3, but the latter...
  2. Patchatch

    Neutering/Spaying Neutering A Pigger

    I've finally convinced my parents that, while I cannot adopt a pig friend for Patch, I can neuter my brother's pig, Hammy, if I supply the sufficient funds. We have located a reliable small animal clinic in a near city and will be taking him there (hopefully) but haven't heard back yet about how...
  3. Patchatch

    Behavior Exercising Her Mind--and Appetite! (Patch, Duck!)

    After reading a post on this forum with a link to a youtube video with a guinea pig who does "circle," I've tried training my pig to do tricks. Currently, she knows 2: "pen" (touches her nose to a pen raised a little bit higher, this is needed for Duck) and "duck" (dips her head down after...
  4. Patchatch

    Pellets My Piggy Stopped Eating Pellets

    My little pig has stopped eating her pellets, instead waiting for the night when she gets her plate of veggies and her bed-time bowl of grass.. I don't think this is very healthy for her since she'll eat all her veggies before I go to bed, usually, which is about 4 hours after she gets them, and...
  5. Patchatch

    Cage Found Cubes At Home Depot! - Safety and Flooring?

    I found some cubes & connectors at a Home Depot store, only $35 for 6 cubes. They are the ClosetMaid 6 Cube Storage System. It doesn't say the spacing, etc. of the grids but here's a picture (linked to the page) - ClosetMaid - 6 Cube Storage System - White - 817931 - Home Depot Canada Are these...
  6. Patchatch

    Canada Vets In Edmonton Area

    Does anyone know good cavy savvy vets in the edmonton and surrounding area? We have never been able to find one and I'm hoping someone here has.
  7. Patchatch

    Cost Of Shipping To Canada?

    I'm looking at buying my pig a C & C cage, preferably an "extra large" size from the GPC store. However, I live in Canada, and therefore have a few questions.. How much will it cost for shipping? I have cats, and dogs. Is the lid easy to make? How many grids will I require to order extra so...
  8. Patchatch

    Pop Bottle Tunnel?

    My pig has toys. She loves to climb, so I have things she can climb on without hurting herself. She also loves to push around a little tractor. However, anybody needs new toys once and a while, and I would like to construct more for Patch. One of her most recent: Notice the sewn "pillow case"...
  9. Patchatch

    Pregnancy At 3 years?

    I have a female pig, and we also have a male pig. They're kept separate and have only met once or twice under close supervision. The female is older than the male -- she's 3 years, and he's about 2 months younger than her. She is a silkie, and he is an abby. We know all we need for parentage...
  10. Patchatch

    Eyes/Non-crusty Watery Eyes?

    I'm trying to figure out why my pig has watery eyes. Her only other "medical" problem is she's a bit overweight--2 pounds? It's not URI. I know that..
  11. Patchatch

    Diet Limit To Grass?

    My pig gets a relatively good diet. She has enough leafy and not-so-leafy vegetables. She has her fruit. However, that never seems to beat her love of grass and dandelions. I can put her out on the lawn just to munch-munch away and she won't notice anything but the tasty grass she's eating...
  12. Patchatch

    General Pig In Clothes..

    I wasn't quite sure where to put this topic, but.. What do you guys think of putting clothes on your guinea pig? After once putting on a quite comfortable teddy bear shirt and finding my pig perfectly at ease, I sewed her a little tank top that she absolutely loves. It's comfortable, and...
  13. Patchatch

    What is it?!

    Unfortunately I have no pictures. So I'll have to describe this. While holding Patch I noticed she has a sort of red lump on her back end. I felt the fur around and everything was smooth and then got lumpy there. What is it? Does she need the vet? Also: She's really sensitive there. Doesn't...
  14. Patchatch

    Protecting The Carpet

    My mom'd freak if she saw what Patch's playpen is like. It's easy to clean up and erase all evidence of it. xD The only way I can convince her to let me keep it (and possible turn it into part of her cage!) is to find out how to protect the carpet. I have these pads that cost about $4 a box, and...
  15. Patchatch


    I need to make a ramp for my piggy. She's out a lot now--about 5 hours a day, maybe more--due to the high risk of getting Fly Strike (see Fly Strike) in her cage rather than out on the floor where it's clean and fly-free. I have a gigantic area set up for her. She's got my whole closet (which...
  16. Patchatch

    Fly Strike

    A lot of people don't know about fly strike. But, unfortunately, my pig has a big potential of getting it. We have the flies (trying to get rid of them) that could potentially... kill her. What can I do to prevent it? She's at most risk than Hammy, because of her long fur that sometimes gets...
  17. Patchatch

    Horrible.. D=

    I feel horrible! I let Patch out and completely forgot about her. While the cat was out, the dogs were out, and everything! I even forgot to lock the door so that no animal other than her could come in. She was alone for about 2 hours... :( Any ideas on how I can make it up to her?
  18. Patchatch

    RIP Squeak

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post hamsters here, but I might as well. :sad: R.I.P. 22/04/008, Squeak. An honorable dwarf hamster. :tombstone - Squeak was the best hamster I could ever ask for. He wasn't what you would call happy-go-lucky, or even sensitive. He was a very protective, very...
  19. Patchatch

    Canada Best Buyable Food In Canada?

    What is the best buyable guinea pig pellet food in Canada? I can order online, it's just cheaper if it comes from in Canada. ^-^
  20. Patchatch

    Can You Buy..

    Can you buy Oxbow hay online? If so, where? What is the best guinea pig pellet food? Can it be bought online? If so, where?