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  1. Mike221

    Not Eating Misko's Medical Thread

    Hi all, one of our guinea pigs had a surgery recently and after being on Baytril he developed diarrhea and is refusing to eat anything. Currently we have him on Critical Care every few hours, and his poops started to get shape, although still very soft. He is not on antibiotics anymore. We...
  2. Mike221

    Hay Brome Grass Hay

    I am located in Canada and lots of farmers around here sell Brome Grass Hay. $8 a 50lb bale and similar. I figured out they feed that to horses. Have anybody heard about it or is it suitable for guinea pigs? I couldn't find Timothy, Orchard or something that is familiar to me.
  3. Mike221

    Lethargy Guinea Pig not eating and lethargic

    Hi all, I haven't posted for a while, but reading the forum often. This thread is about one of our boars and I couldn't find any similar symptoms anywhere. 2 weeks ago when I woke up he seemed normal and was waiting for his breakfast. Being active and happy. In half hour I was cleaning the...
  4. Mike221

    Wheezing Loud Wheezing Noise

    Hi all, I haven't posted anything for a year probably. I came home tonight and one of our piggies is making strange wheezing sounds. It just started tonight, I am pretty sure. He was fine in the morning and last night. I am very worried, and thinking should I take him to the emergency right...
  5. Mike221

    Scratching Scratching increased after 3 treatments of Ivermectin

    Hello all, I haven't posted for a while, but I keep reading this forum. Our boars started scratching a bit more than normal, so we decided to treat with Ivermectin, in case they have mites. We had similar situation last year, so our vet gave us Revolution. Revolution helped after the third...
  6. Mike221

    Lump Large mass/crust on boar's grease gland

    Hello all, tonight while petting one of our male guinea pigs I felt large dried crystal form brown mass on his grease gland. It looks and feels like dried grease or boar glue. It is very hard. He doesn't mind while I touch it. I am pretty sure his grease gland is clogged. His grease gland was...
  7. Mike221

    Feet Possible feet problems?

    Hello, Today we were trimming our 2 Guinea Pig's nails. Everything went fine, I don't think I've cut too close to the nerve. Couple of hours after that, we let our guinea pigs for their usual evening run in the playpen. I noticed Misko started limping all of a sudden. So I'm not sure if maybe...
  8. Mike221

    Hay Problems with Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

    Hello, Is anyone having problems recently with the quality of Oxbow Western Timothy Hay? Our piggies eat that hay from the day one and never had any problems. Now what happened, I bought a new bag once the old was almost done, and one of the piggies did not want to touch it. His droppings...
  9. Mike221

    Impaction Possible Impaction - Boar not pooing normally

    Hello all, Need advice again from more experienced Guinea Pig lovers. Last couple of days one of our boars started pooping very dry caramel color looking poops. Some of them were completely dry, and some of them one side looking normal, while other side dry. Poops did not dry out in the cage...
  10. Mike221

    Injury URGENT Skin wound

    Hello, one of our guinea pigs was mounting the other one and he "ejaculated" boar glue all over both of them. It hardened immediately and it was all the way to the skin, huge amounts of it. While we were trying to cut it off, one piggy moved and it ripped of his skin on the belly. Picture is...
  11. Mike221

    Sneezing Cupko sneezing with some nasal discharge

    Hello all, Maybe a week ago I noticed Cupko sneezed couple of times in a row and then some nasal discharge came out his left nostril. It got me worried a bit, so now we monitor him to see if it's happening more often and when. So basically he is not sneezing more often than usual since we have...
  12. Mike221

    Crusty Eyes Very watery and crusty eye please advise

    Hello, today in the morning when I woke up I noticed one of my guinea pig's eyes was very watery and it looked like he was crying. There were tears going down his face. I looked at him again in 15 min and his eye looked even worse. There was lots of white milky stuff coming out of the eye and...
  13. Mike221

    Diet Our piggies lost interest in Veggies and Pellets overnight

    Hi all, Our 2 piggies kind of lost interest in pellets completely and veggies partially. We feed them only Oxbow hay, Oxbow pellets and fresh veggies ( we try to follow the diet table from this page so they get enough vitamin C and not too much calcium). We also mix up those veggies as much as...
  14. Mike221

    Diet Transition from Young Guinea Pig Pellets to Adult Guinea Pig Pellets

    Hello, our guinea pigs are now close to 6 months old, can't say for sure. Both males. One weights 850g, other one 800g. They are still growing. From the day one they eat Oxbow Young Guinea Pig food ( http://www.oxbowanimalhealth.com/products/type/detail?object=1583 ) On the package it says...
  15. Mike221

    Behavior Boars fighting after being washed for the first time

    Hello, we got our 2 male piggies separately. We introduced them 2 months ago. After looong 3 days and from 3rd attempt they bonded and started living together. With time they became good friends. By that I mean eating together, playing together, living together. No problems whatsoever. So I...
  16. Mike221

    Behavior Guinea Pig having fun or being mad :O

    Hi, one of the hideouts in our cage was a wooden log hut. Both of the piggies liked being under it and sometimes chewing on it. One day I've seen one of them trying to lift it with his head and he succeded. It was flipped upside down. Then both of piggies would just chew on the bottom part...
  17. Mike221

    Water Natural Spring Water (BOTTLED WATER)

    Hi, I looked through the site, but didn't really find an answer to my question. We give bottled water to our piggies. It is the same water we are using as we are not really sure about quality of the tap water where we leave. Now my main question is: Is Natural Spring bottled water good enough...
  18. Mike221

    Skin Problems Bold spot/black dry skin on top of baby Guinea Pig head

    Hello, so we got new baby male Guinea Pig to keep company to other one we have. They haven't been introduced yet, new ones lives in his own cage for now. When we got him and brought him home, I noticed a bold spot on his head. Hair doesn't grow there and shin is dry and black. We got him at a...
  19. Mike221

    Behavior Young Guinea Pig Shaking/Seizures

    Hello, can somebody look at the video and let me know if this is normal behavior for a young guinea pig? He does this mostly when he is out of his cage, for example in my lap or on the bed... He started doing this recently, and almost every time he is out of the cage now... He is also...
  20. Mike221

    Behavior Is my guinea pig normal or is he crazy??

    Hi, so we are the new guinea pig owners. I already wrote in Introduction section why we have only 1 piggy. Working on getting him a mate. We have our male for 2 weeks. He is around 2 months old. We bonded pretty good I think. He doesn't hide from us, he lets us pet him in the cage and out of...