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  1. KaileighRussell

    Popcorning I'm completely in stitches

    The cat snuck up on me and I screamed which terrified Callie...she made a wheek that I swear to god was "AHHH!" zoomied back and fourth three times, ran into Ophy and then zoomed into the pigloo. Oph just sat there staring at me like...what the hell just happened....while Callie chattered her...
  2. KaileighRussell

    Cyber bullying: A letter to my little sister's bully

    Hey guys! I have found a ton of support within this group, not just for my guinea pig issues, but personally as well. Recently my little sister came forward asking for therapy due to almost crippling anxiety and depression - brought on by bullying. One girl in particular seems to be the main...
  3. KaileighRussell

    No good, super awful, really bad day.

    And not just because it's a Monday. Today has just been a cluster of really bad things starting with my morning tea actually being a morning coffee (with allotttt of sugar). It followed up internet being down for an hour at work, having to skip my lunch to get work done, having to remove 50...
  4. KaileighRussell

    C&C Fleece jungle/ Callie's pouting spot

    I finally set up the fleece jungle for the girls yesterday. Their reaction to it was hilarious. I started with just attaching the top grid and when I came back in the room they were all standing under it just staring at it. After tying all the bits of fleece the girls spent about 10 minutes...
  5. KaileighRussell

    Any Whovians around?

    Is anyone else super super stoked for the next Dr. Who episode? Thoughts on the Bells of Saint John? Also - Clara theories? Anyone have any thoughts on who on earth this girl is. I've read some great ones about her being the grown up of the girl in the library from Silence in the Library...
  6. KaileighRussell

    Fleece Fleece in the weirdest place

    I was at my local Wal-Mart looking through their clearance section (sometimes they have fleece throws on super clearance that I pick up for the girls) and I found fleece sheet sets. It's the exact same fleece as the throws and the double set was reduced to 5.00.... I picked one up to try it out...
  7. KaileighRussell

    Creepy/crazy ex drama - Argh!

    So I feel like I just need to vent this out and the people on here (as always) are just awesome! I had an issue with an ex (we went out a few times, nothing serious and I ended it at Christmas). Well last night I get a call from an unknown/blocked number. Thinking it's my landlord I picked up...
  8. KaileighRussell

    Joy Breakthrough with non-cuddly guinea pigs!

    I gushed about this via Facebook - but I feel it will be appreciated here! None of my three girls are cuddle bugs - far from it. They aren't scared all the time or hate people, they just prefer not to be handled and picked up. Today - Callie was sitting in the hay pit munching away just kind...
  9. KaileighRussell

    Behavior Just need to vent it out

    I have to start by saying first off - I love my girls, despite the snatchy-ness of this post I do adore them. Callie, my sassy wonder pig has started a new thing that honestly almost drove me batty this morning. For the past three days and the slightest movement she screams (SCREAMS) until...
  10. KaileighRussell


    I just need to vent this out - a woman I know has livetrapped a weasel (it was in her garage and has been killing her chickens). She's trapped about 3 so far - and she's convinced that it's a wild ferret and wants to domesticate it. I'm trying to tell her that ferrets are not native to Ontario...
  11. KaileighRussell

    Joy Rogue pigs and momentary lapses of judgement

    I was telling this story to my non-pig friends and they just didn't appreciate it the way I thought the people on here might! I was cleaning my girls cage last night and as I recently pig-proofed my bedroom I figured, hey, why don't I just let them run around the bedroom for some floor time...
  12. KaileighRussell

    I'm addicted...to this terrible terrible thing

    Cadbury creme eggs. These stupidly delicious eggs are ruining my healthy choices! I've been so good about cutting out a lot of the unhealthy things but these eggs are just so good! Is it sad these are the best part of the Easter season?
  13. KaileighRussell

    C&C Inspiration Needed for a 2x5

    So I'm moving this weekend and I have all the necessary bits for a 2x5 cage for the girly goos! I just need the inspiration! Please pass along your photos and ideas! Looking for some awesome ideas to make a kick-butt new cage for the girls with a kitchen area! Thanks guys! Will post photos...
  14. KaileighRussell

    BEWARE -Cat rescues in GTA -Woman adopting kittens to train her birds of prey to kill

    I got the heads up through the cat rescue I work with that there is a woman in the GTA looking for kittens through Kijiji and Craigslist in order to teach her redtail hawks how to kill. I know many of you have connections with the rescue communities/rescuers - if you can help spread the word...
  15. KaileighRussell

    Vet Vet recommendation in Toronto

    The Animal Hospital of High Park is AMAZING. Dr. Regan was awesome and fantastic and treated Callie with nothing but grace. We went in for a suspected URI (which stopped completely upon switching hay) and I just held the appointment anyway. We're going back in 30 days just to make sure it's...
  16. KaileighRussell

    Message Push: 9 year old guinea pig for adoption in Toronto

    The Toronto Humane Society Older Adult - American X - Female - Children 12+ - Perfect Apartment Pet! - 1st Time Owners OK! "This old lady still likes to party. Full of energy, she loves to play games and popcorn about the place. She loves her food and will happily stop for a head scratch. She...
  17. KaileighRussell

    Hay Dealing with Oxbow - Will update as it continues

    So I've been a major fan of Oxbow hay - timothy hay and now orchard grass hay. First, I've had some questions about the botanical hay - I've bought a bag but yet to feed it to the girls - is this a good choice? It's more of just a little "treat" to mix in with their hay. It contains timothy...
  18. KaileighRussell

    Bloated Gas bloat and stupid out of town friends

    Hi guys; So my idiot (and I don't say that with love) friend has suspected his guinea pig has gas bloat. Now he is refusing to bring the pig to a vet - despite my rather insistent calls/texts/emails and all out badgering. He's too far for me to get to or I would just go and get the pig myself...
  19. KaileighRussell

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection URI suspected - signs to watch until vet appointment

    So my little Callie bean has a suspected URI - our vet appointment is booked with Animal Hospital of High Park in Toronto for early next week (best they could do). Is there any specific signs that I need to watch out for to just drop it and make it an emerge visit? Right now Callie is: -...
  20. KaileighRussell

    Photos Post your pigtures!

    I don't know if this thread exists - but who doesn't love oggling over everyone's piggies! I personally like showing off my girls (that sounded better in my head - sorry folks). It does help that Gatsby (my camera shy girl) completely made love to the camera last night! :P Gatsby: Callie...