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  1. eburmeister

    How Much? How many lb of hay

    I have been buying my pellets from KM and I am going to start buying my hay from them as well. I was hoping someone could help me figure out how much to order. I have 3 boys and use a hay rack so they dont waist much.
  2. eburmeister

    Introductions nasal discharge

    So I have had Charlie in quarantine for 3 weeks now. I want to introduce him to my 2 other boys but I am a little worried. He eats drinks poops and acts like the wonderful little pig he is. However he has just a little bit of crust on his noes. He has gained so much wt since I got him. I...
  3. eburmeister

    Size is this big enough?

    I am looking at a 2x3 2 story cage for my 3 boys. I am not sure if this will be big enough for them.
  4. eburmeister

    Pet Stores What to do

    So thanks to this site I am not going to buy from pet stores that sell pets. I live on an Island and we don't have a lot of choices. We have one pet store that sells a lot of animals so I will not go there. We have Walmart but they sell fish. We also have a feed store but they sell chicks in...
  5. eburmeister

    Showing 4H

    So my daughter has shown some interest in 4H. However I don't believe with everything they do. Such as the showing and ear tags. Things that I know this site does not support. So my question is this: Does anyone know of a group that educational for kids. But does not promote showing and...
  6. eburmeister

    Chewing Chewing grids

    My yesterday my boys started chewing all the coating off there grids. I dont know that it is all about. They have hay and pellets. They get out for floor time for at least an hour a day. Any ideas on how to get them to stop? They have never eaten my coro. Don't know why they are eating the...
  7. eburmeister

    Cage Wood cages

    I hope I am asking this in the right place. I am going to build a wood cage. There are some beautiful multi level cages people have posted pic of. My question however is this. I am not able to get Aspen where I live. Are there woods I should stay away from? Are some better than others?
  8. eburmeister

    Introductions new pig to bonded pair

    I still have a week and a half till quarantine is over. I was reading about introductions but had a couple questions. I have a very bonded pair and I am going to try and introduce a new pig. Do I introduce him to one at a time or to my boys at the same time? Also it said to introduce them in...
  9. eburmeister

    Pet Stores Feed stores

    Ok I live on an island and we don't have a lot of options when it comes to buying our pet supply's.  I have decided not to buy anything at the one pet store that we do have because they sell animals.  We do have a feed store in town but they sell chicks in the spring.  So do you buy stuff at the...
  10. eburmeister

    Weight seems very skinny

    So I just adopted a little texel boy.  The person I got him from was going to show him and then decided she had to many so was downsizing.  Just from talking to her when I picked him up I had worries about what he had been eating.  When I got him out for some lap time today I notices how skinny...
  11. eburmeister

    Bonding Texel and Americans

    I have 2 wonderful American boys right now who have lived together there whole lives. Tomorrow I am going to pick up a little Texel boy that I am adopting. I have been told that Texels can not live with Americans because all there hair will get eaten. Is this always the case or after...
  12. eburmeister

    Hair Loss Bald Spot by Ears

    So I was just having lap time with my boys and I noticed that one of them is bald behind both his ears. My other is only bald behind one of them. Is this normal? I did not see anything on the skin and they do not seem bothered by it. I have never heard them having a fight. Any ideas.
  13. eburmeister

    Vegetables What about Cabbage

    Hi Everyone, I did not see cabbage on Ly&Pigs list is it ok to feed?
  14. eburmeister

    Vegetables Is this ok

    So I have finally found something my boys will eat. I think it is ok but want to make sure. It is a spring mix with: Red and Green Romaine, Red and Green Oak leaf, Red and Green Chard, Mizuna, Arugula, Mache, Frisee and Radicchio. Is this all ok?
  15. eburmeister

    Vet Looking for a vet

    I am looking for a vet in my area and the closest one I can fine is an hour and a half away. I live on Whidbey Island in WA. Does anyone know of a good vet?
  16. eburmeister

    Fleece Help with fleece

    I have had my boy for 3 weeks now and love them. I have been using carefresh for them. However I have been reading that fleece is better. So you have fleece on top and then something under it? How often do you change the fleece and what is under it? Then you just pick up the poop when...