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  1. T_Licious

    Multiple quotes

    You're welcome! :)
  2. T_Licious

    Multiple quotes

    They will have a check next to them when they are selected.
  3. T_Licious

    Multiple quotes

    See on the bottom where there is reply, reply with quote, and that little pic of "+ ? Click on that pic on all the posts you want to quote, then hit reply to type your responses.
  4. T_Licious

    Keeping Warm supplemental heating?

    Is it possible for you to get a small space heater to take the edge off the chill in there? I would do that along with some cuddle cups or sacs instead. THose rocks can be very dangerous even for lizards, nevermind piggies.
  5. T_Licious

    General Vet Exams

    Mine is $36 for the exam, same as a well visit for any other animal. It is pretty basic at the vet I go to. Cuddles are included at no extra cost lol
  6. T_Licious

    Size 2x4 or 2x5?

    If you can make it work, even if you have to go a little unconventional with things, I think it's always better to go with the bigger size. More room, easier to clean, etc.
  7. T_Licious

    New member looking for advice

    They are so cute!!! Welcome to the forum! :D
  8. T_Licious

    Anyone else do this? =]

    I secretly love that I can hide my beer and steak under a mountain of beautiful colorful veggies when I am out shopping with my kids lol
  9. T_Licious

    Vet Exotic Vet wants to microchip?

    Urine and stool samples as well? I was hoping it was just a case of someone not tech savy designing the website and they copied and pasted the info from other animals. Now it just sounds like they want to charge a small fortune :/
  10. T_Licious

    General Nail clipping and bathing questions

    You can get bunny bath from most pet stores, but I recommend getting the gorgeous guineas shampoo for future use. I just doesn't help you now because it takes a little while to get to you internationally. I forgot to mention, sometimes I give my messier pigs half baths. I just use a little...
  11. T_Licious

    Animal Welfare So grossed out -- photographers

    My friend has a farm and works with a local photographer on many things, including bringing animals in the spring for multiple shoots. Then they go right back to their life on the farm as usual.
  12. T_Licious

    Feet Peeling Feet

    I don't know about the rest of it, but does your mom have any Aloe plants growing in the house? My piggy that has dry feet does very well with the tiniest drop of pure aloe. Also, if she has any sort of kitchen scale for measuring food portions, they are perfect to weigh piggies!
  13. T_Licious

    Good-bye my boys..if only I could hold you one more time.

    Oh and I forgot to mention, I absolutely love their little red stained mouths in that picture. <3
  14. T_Licious

    Good-bye my boys..if only I could hold you one more time.

    I am so sorry for your loss :hug:
  15. T_Licious

    First round of new Section Moderators

    I'm so excited! Thank you for adding me to your team, I look forward to working with everyone and contributing what I can to the forum! I know first hand how nerve wracking it can be to expand your team, looks like some great choices here!! :heart:
  16. T_Licious

    Other Pit Bulls?

    Here is Dahlia a week or so before she came home:
  17. T_Licious

    Other Pit Bulls?

    Well, I just rescued a beautiful pittie girl from a high kill shelter in California (Devore) and had her flown across the country to CT so I think you can guess how I feel about them lol She was less than an hour from being euthanized. She is the biggest doofiest loviest girl ever. Despite...
  18. T_Licious

    Keeping Warm Blizzard coming tonight

    When we lost power for a couple days in the most recent blizzard here, we just put large pieces of fleece over the top and sides, with one little viewing area open lol. I also put a throw or two into each cage so they something to snuggle underneath. We all did ok :) The biggest challenge was...
  19. T_Licious

    Upper Levels Kitchen size for 2 piggies?

    I have a 1x1.5 kitchen, and use wood pellets in the whole thing.
  20. T_Licious

    Upper Levels Kitchen size for 2 piggies?

    If you think it might be too big, it's probably just big enough lol. Never too much room in the kitchen, especially once they are big and you have to rearrange stuff so no one sits and poops in one bowl while eating from another.