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  1. frogg0724

    Pregnancy Introduced third piggie, but now thinks she maybe pregnant. HELP!!!

    I got the cutest little Abby female from a pet store (I know I know) and last week we introduced her to our other two females. Everything went great. But today while I was holding her I noticed that her body felt very pear shaped. She has alot of fur so its hard to see in a picture. I also...
  2. frogg0724

    Behavior Confusing behavior

    I have three female guinea pigs, one is about 5 months old and the other two are three months old. My oldest has been purring alot around the other piggies lately. Which I thought meant she was happy, but then she chases them all over the cage. I'm confused is she happy and playing or being...
  3. frogg0724

    Hay Mixing and Storing Hay

    I have two young female GPs. They are not big on eatting there Timothy Hay the way alot that I've read do. I thought about mixing different types with the timothy. Is that ok to do and if so what is the best way to store it to keep it fresh. Oh by the way, they are fed 1/4 cup of Oxbox pellets...
  4. frogg0724

    Midwest Use for small store bought cage.

    When I got my son's guinea pig "Penny" we bought the store bought cage. Of course after research we upgraded to the Midwest guinea pig habitat. But then we had this smaller cage, so I decided to attach the smaller cage to the Midwest habitat and use a ramp. I used zipties to keep them together...
  5. frogg0724

    General I Have Two Pet Store Pigs. Need Advice

    I have two female guinea pigs under 6 months old that was purchased at a high chain Pet store. I have been reading lots of threads were people get female guinea pigs only to find out they are pregnant. I know the gestation is like 56-72 days. My question is: are there any signs to look out for...
  6. frogg0724

    Bathing Shampoo suggestions for greasy coat

    Hey everyone. My little girl Penny is finished with her ringworm treatment and the ointment left her coat greasy looking. I want to give her a bath but not sure what to use. Any suggestions?
  7. frogg0724

    Midwest Midwest Guinea Pig Cage Advice (pic)

    Hey everyone hope everybody had a great 4th of July. I have two young piggies and a limited amount of space. I purchased the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat. I hope its ok. I set up a kitchen area with hay and veggie balls and water bottle. In the living area I have a pigloo, a tunnel with 4 holes...
  8. frogg0724

    General Using coco lined wall planter as hay rack?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever used a coco lined wall planter as a hay rack. I was planning on taking the liner out and attaching it to my cage with zipties. It measures 14" wide 6 1/2" high and 6" deep. Any thoughts.
  9. frogg0724

    1st time Cavy owner, made mistakes. Now dealing with ringworm. HELP!

    Hello everybody, I am new to this site and guinea pig ownership. As many people do, I got our 1st guinea pig from Petsmart with small cage without doing proper research. After countless days of internet searches, I realized the mistakes I made. I then began to try correcting them. I got a 2x4...