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  1. MikkiBee

    Frustrated Pet store as a last resort?

    After tiresome months of researching about guinea pigs and searching for adoptions in my area, I realized there were none and I became discouraged so I thought a small, family-owned pet store might be the way to go instead of a big corporation... But, when I went to go check out the pet store in...
  2. MikkiBee

    Looking to adopt in Stone Mountain, GA

    I am looking to adopt two guinea pigs that get along together. The shelter nearest to me adopted out the two pairs that I was interested in and the person in charge said they may get more, but I want to have other options just in case.
  3. MikkiBee

    Fleece How to layer cage w/fleece? Pictures?

    HI, I don't have guinea pigs yet but I am getting two soon (either near the end of this month or the beginning of next month) I am doing research on how I should do everything and decided to use fleece as bedding for the C&C cage I'm going to make, but I haven't seen any pictures of the layers...
  4. MikkiBee

    Cage Help!!! Mom being iffy about C&C cage...!

    Okay so I'm getting two guinea pigs soon and I showed my mom the c&c cage kits they have for sale on this website. I need a 2x4 which is $70 and I thought that was reasonable for the size of the cage and the amount of materials we are getting, but she seems iffy about it and even though I...
  5. MikkiBee

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Is this a breeder or a private owner?

    I was looking for guinea pigs online and I came across someone that had baby guinea pigs for sale. This is the link to one of their ads BABY GUINEA PIGS FOR SALE | Dacula | eBay Classifieds (Kijiji) | 19243988 . I'm not sure if this is a breeder selling them or if it is a private owner. None of...
  6. MikkiBee

    Behavior Fixed schedule for guinea pigs?

    I read somewhere that guinea pigs will get used to one thing happening at a certain time, so does that mean I have to have a fixed schedule for my guinea pigs like when I feed them, and when I play with them? And if so, how do I do that, because right now Im on summer vacation and I have more...
  7. MikkiBee

    Soon-To-Be guinea pig owner!! (HOPEFULLY!!)

    Hi everyone! Umm I guess i'll start by saying I've never had a pet before, and after doing a lot of research about different pets, i fell in love with guinea pigs!! :D Hope fully I get the two baby females I am looking for, because I found the perfect ones but its a little far from where I live...