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  1. CandyApple

    General Earwigs

    Hi all, So I found an earwig (eeekkkkk) in my room crawling down the back of the guinea pig hutch. Scared the flaming hell out of me. It crawled of sharp enough before I coulds quash it. It could get into the hutch and I'm wondering if it will harm the pigs? Or would they just jump on it/sit on...
  2. CandyApple

    Profile picture won't load?

    Hi, My profile picture refuses to save, and when I click save, this message comes up vBulletin message: Upload of file failed I'm just wondering why this is? I tried option 1, using an URL from photo bucket, and re sized my selected picture to 100 X 100 pixels. It wouldn't work, so I then...
  3. CandyApple

    URI/Upper Respiratory Infection Signs of URI?

    Hi, So just to say no, I don't have a guinea pig with URI, but I'd like to know the signs, causes and treatments please? I'v heard one of my guinea pigs buccaneer, wheezing,.. (If you could even call it that) every now and again. I'd be holding him, and for maybe, three breaths he's making a...
  4. CandyApple

    Few quick questions :)

    Ok, So I have a few questions that have been niggling at me lately. 1.) Do guinea pigs like hammocks? If they do, any hints on making them? 2.) I have 22 square feet of floor space (the level not included), and as most people give their guinea pigs floor time, I was wondering if I should? But...
  5. CandyApple

    General Cutting down on calcium intake?

    Hi guys :) So over the last 3 weeks or so, I noticed a bit of white stuff building up in the dark corners of the GP's cage. I'm not sure if they have too much calcium in their diet, or if all piggies leave white stuff in their urine :P Heres a picture of the build up over the last 3 or so...
  6. CandyApple

    Not sure if I should feel guilty :-/

    Hi guys, So as my post is related to a breeder, I think this is where I should put it, in the kitchen. So. I know every one here trys to get their guinea pigs from rescues, but I'll admit that I got mine from a breeder. Now, let me explain: She truely is a good breeder, who loves her pets, and...
  7. CandyApple

    Hi there guys!

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum, and have two guinea pigs. Buccanear and ling! I'm new to guinea pigs, and got my two boars on the 13th of October this year. They are 14 weeks old, and doing well :) Buccanear is a huge boy, weighing in at 750 grams so far. He's actually massive for a baby!!! He...