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  1. Candalalala

    Urine Blood in pee

    Thank you, I meant I separated them to see who it was! I am going to call first thing in the morning. Thank you so much.
  2. Candalalala

    Urine Blood in pee

    I separated them all out and none of them peed blood. I'm going to separate them again tomorrow and see if it happens again!
  3. Candalalala

    Urine Blood in pee

    My two and a half year old piggy, Apple, has blood in her pee. She hasn't been acting strange but I was still able to tell it was her out of the four I have running around during floor time. She doesn't seem in pain but I know they can hide their pain well. Her normal vet closed an hour ago and...
  4. Candalalala

    Rumblestrutting Guinea pigs arguing/ not sure what to do

    Thank you so much! I just checked and by time anything arrives by vet will be open :( She's eating some here and there and mostly eating her lettuce.
  5. Candalalala

    Rumblestrutting Guinea pigs arguing/ not sure what to do

    I did. We went 2 days ago and they said she was healthy. I made a new one for the 28th when they open back up. I tried buying some Critical Care but only my vet sells it... And they're closed. Its sold out everywhere online. I switched her and Apple so she'd be with Caramel and I think she's...
  6. Candalalala

    Rumblestrutting Guinea pigs arguing/ not sure what to do

    I weighed PB again after she's been separated... She's now at 904g... I noticed she isn't eating much hay or pellets, and none of the daily bell pepper. However, she is eating all of the daily lettuce. I can't tell if she's depressed from being alone or if this has been happening the last 2...
  7. Candalalala

    Rumblestrutting Guinea pigs arguing/ not sure what to do

    Thank you for the suggestions! The bottom space is about a 2x4. I stuck grids in between the white coated wiring and the coroplast because they were chewing on the white coating. I was able to fit in 2 wide and 4 long. I can't widen the cage or lengthen it since my bed is right next to the cage...
  8. Candalalala

    Rumblestrutting Guinea pigs arguing/ not sure what to do

    Their cage is nearly 17.5 square feet all together. It's split level with 10 at the bottom and 7.5 at the top. I have added multiple hideys and a fleece forest at the top of the ramp. PB still is acting so aggresive towards Apple. Apple is chilling in a hidey and then PB starts rumblestrutting...
  9. Candalalala

    Rumblestrutting Guinea pigs arguing/ not sure what to do

    I have three guinea pigs. Caramel, a neutered boy, and his sister Apple, and then PB, whom I adopted in February. Caramel and Apple are 2 years old while PB is an estamated one year old. Caramel is the gentleman alfa, he never squabbles and doesn't blink an eye when he's mounted. However, PB and...
  10. Candalalala

    How old does a boy guinea pig need to be neutered

    Every vet has a different criteria. What I found as a good guideline is 700 grams or 4 months old but I would ask what your cavy savy vet does them at. If anything for the cage, you could always attach another Midwest cage (or two). This website also has c&c cages to buy with everything needed...
  11. Candalalala

    Help with sexing, feeding, and info on neutering my new pups

    Wait... Are the two males being housed together and separate from the females? Why are they being neutered? (I may have misread the posts from before though....)
  12. Candalalala

    Do guinea pigs have to be kept in pairs?????

    Can the owners ask them if they are happy? Piggies will popcorn and do what they do with or without a friend, but being in a cage without anyone to talk to sounds quite lonely to me.
  13. Candalalala

    Fur Rare guinea pigs

    I love the way a gray and white guinea pig looks :love:
  14. Candalalala

    Vet How often did you have to take your guinea pig to the vet in his/her lifetime

    I want to throw this out there as well, exotic pet insurance is always a good option. I'm paying $75 per guinea pig. I recently had to take one of mine to the vet for an abcess. I received more than half of the vet bill back. :) it's so nice as a fall back.
  15. Candalalala

    Coroplast Guinea pig eating coroplast AND binder plastic

    Fold a strip of fleece over it and use binder clips to keep it in place :)
  16. Candalalala

    Definitely not 2 boys!!

    Looks great so far! I'm glad you were able to fine grids with 9x9 holes! If you use the extra panels for floortime, be weary that babies can squeeze out of the holes! :)
  17. Candalalala

    Aggression Adult Guinea Pig Boars Fighting after Baby Introduction

    Have you thought about adopting a fourth male piggy and having two pairs? Or maybe finding a spayed female to put with the solo piggy? Totally a suggestion! It's not always doable to get even more piggies.
  18. Candalalala

    Nutrition Vet said 884 grams is overweight

    All the vet techs thought my 1050g girly was large and then they thought her blood brother was even more amazingly large at 1360g. I thought they were in the normal range and even now, I believe they are... I just smiled and nodded my head as they told me... You're piggy is fine! Each one is...
  19. Candalalala

    Cleaning Shavings vs Fleece.

    I always wash my liners in a laundry bad designed to hold in fur! It helps even after shaking and sweeping them.
  20. Candalalala

    Behavior Eating too fast and what to do about it?

    I noticed one of my piggies was coughing during their veggie dinner. She also had an abscess on her neck that may have been making her have a tough time (or could be unrelated... But she hasn't really choked since). Check to see if he neck is okay? My advice may be really out there though lol