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  1. BeckyBoo

    Transition from Cage to Lap

    Bubble and Squeak don't like the picking up part, but once they are resting against my body, with one of my arms curled under heir bottoms, and the other one stroking them or resting across their backs they calm right down. I have never tried to hold them away from my body, as this freaks them...
  2. BeckyBoo

    A few questions about floor time

    I've only given Bubble and Squeak floor time a few times. Every time I had to dis-assemble my room to find them behind furniture. I am now waiting for a delivery of cubes to my local B&Q to make a C&C cage with. I'm going to tie the spares together with cable ties to make foldy fences, to put up...
  3. BeckyBoo

    A few questions about floor time

    Sorry, double post.