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  1. wheekermommy

    Rabbits Advice Needed Neighbor Keeping Rabbit Loose on Apt Patio

    Hello all, I have a dilemma, that I need some advice on the best way to resolve. I have noticed in my apartment complex, that my neighbor is keeping their pet rabbit on the patio. It is a first floor, fenced in patio with concrete. I have checked in the early morning, afternoon, and late evening...
  2. wheekermommy

    Bonding How to go about introducing a new pig to one that has always been alone.

    Hello congratulations on the decision to adopt another piggy, your little girl will appreciate it. Make sure to take the new piggy to the vet and research quarantine prior to introductions :) I have three piggies, two sows and one neutered boar, all adopted as adults and were lone pigs for 3-4...
  3. wheekermommy

    Introductions Introducing my boar and sow

    Hello, That is great you adopted another piggy and did research ! A few questions, what was your set up when you were doing the introductions? Also, how was the cage set up- type of hideys used, food areas, water bottles etc). Since no blood was drawn it seems that you have hope for bonding...
  4. wheekermommy

    Weight Overweight Guinea Pigs

    See that is what I have always thought, and I measure out their pellets which sometimes they don't even finish. At the vet Little Bear was 978 grams, Luna 1236 grams, and Loki 1529 grams. Granted this was after breakfast veggies. I weighed them before dinner tonight and got 931, 1172, 1575 grams.
  5. wheekermommy

    Cleaning Best Bedding for Kitchen?

    Actually no. Even when the fleece is urine soaked I don't have trouble sweeping it off. I have a mini stiff broom/brush and dust pan that I use. Someone said they use a stiff horse brush or rubber comb that works well too. Only issue I have ever had is when my Small Pet Select hay was...
  6. wheekermommy

    Weight Overweight Guinea Pigs

    Hello, I recently took all my guinea pigs to an only exotic vet clinic for nail trims and check ups. They mentioned that all of them are slightly overweight with my male being the worst off. I think she said for a body shape he is a 7 on the scale (with 4 being ideal). I know animals being...
  7. wheekermommy

    Aggression Cagemate Woes - Need Advice for Constantly Bickering Piggies

    How did you end up expanding the cage? I would guess all the fights were from the small 1x2, 1x3 areas. My piggies co exist semi peacefully. If I had any areas the were only one grid wide I think they would fight too.
  8. wheekermommy

    Cleaning Best Bedding for Kitchen?

    I actually switched to all fleece for that exact reason. I have two 1x2 grid kitchens that I use in my piggies cage. Each one has a 1x2 fleece liner I bought from etsy. The liners were about 20$ each. It was a bit pricey up front but sure beats all the waste/cost of using disposable bedding. In...
  9. wheekermommy

    Cage Cages Help For 5 Girls

    What type of hideouts do you have in your cage? I have a 2x8 cxc and prefer all tunnels and forests to not take up zoomy space. It also helps keep the peace between my three piggies who tolerate each other lol
  10. wheekermommy

    Fighting Floor Time

    Hi I am confused, how were they introduced? It sounds like they are still haven't bonded and really aren't getting along. Also, make sure that all of the hideys used have two exits. So if you have pigloos or anything similar they need to have another door cut in or replaced with something else...
  11. wheekermommy

    Bonding Bonding and getting guinea pigs fixed

    How did you try introducing? Your post makes it sound like you just placed the new pig into the resident pigs cage which is bound to not work.
  12. wheekermommy

    C&C Alternatives Can you connect two Midwest Cages without Ramps

    Yes you can connect them without the ramps and it is recommended you do that way. I have seen plenty of pictures of it done but haven't been able to find a how-to guide. Are you connecting them to make a large square or a long rectangle?
  13. wheekermommy

    Bedding What to use for the kitchen, pig doesn't like Carefresh

    So I am one of the ones that use fleece for the entire cage. I still have the 1x2 coroplast kitchens, but instead of bedding I have a 1x2 fleece potty pad I bought from etsy. I pile their hay on it sweep off noticeable poop as needed. Once a day I sweep off the entire thing, throw in wash and...
  14. wheekermommy

    Play Fun things to do with your guinea pigs to keep them entertained-any ideas?

    Tunnels, piggies love to explore tunnels. They make them feel safe and work with their natural curious tendency. You can make them from grids, cardboard etc. A big cage also will work wonders for boredom.
  15. wheekermommy

    Other C&C dog crate under C&C cage?

    Maybe I am misunderstanding but why not just raise it off the ground with grids/table and then put little Basil?s den underneath? You can even use the other areas for storage. Mine is only one grid high but with some extra construction you could even make it two. .
  16. wheekermommy

    Cage What is a kitchen, how do you make it?

    Hello so the whole idea behind a kitchen is to have a designated area that the guinea pigs eat. Normally people will put there hay along with veggies/pellets/water bottle in the kitchen depending how big it is. The whole concept is guinea pigs will go to the bathroom where they eat, so if you...
  17. wheekermommy

    How Much? One bowl or two

    So a few things, first question what brand of pellets are you feeding? You want high quality timothy pellets, no seeds or different color pieces. A good brand most use is Oxbow, there also is KMS you can order online which is good. Each of your sows should get 1/8 cup of pellets daily. I prefer...
  18. wheekermommy

    C&C Alternatives I have experienced an escape piggy!!!

    Definitely follow above advice to get a bigger cage. If you are near home depot a sheet of coroplast is under 20$ and with one sheet you can build up to a 2x6 cxc. Until you build a lid make sure that you don't have any hideouts against the walls. When I first got my sow she escaped. I...
  19. wheekermommy

    Cage Show me your C&C table. What do you have it on besides the grid stand?

    Just want to understand are you separating the boars at night and then putting them together? That will stress them out and make it more difficult to bond. As long as they are eating, not losing weight and no blood is being drawn they don't need to be separated. Changing to the 2x5 is a much...
  20. wheekermommy

    Upper Levels Should I add a second level?

    Hello! That is wonderful you are trying to upgrade them to a bigger cage. You are a good piggy mom :) A cxc is a great cage to build. For two girls you need a 2x4 cxc (but bigger is better). If you do at least a 2x4 cxc you wouldn't need a second level. I personally am not of fan of second...