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  1. Gorgeous Piggys

    Skin Problems Scabbed sore/mites

    Hi I would use Nizoral for fungal skin problems. Not long ago i treated my guinea pigs for mites and I used neem oil at a dilution rate of four parts carrier oil( i used extra virgin oilve oil) to one part Neem oil. The Peter Gurney Guinea Pig Pages - Skin problems. This link will tell you...
  2. Gorgeous Piggys

    Feet Scabs and rough

    I hope it's not bumble foot but I have a guinea pigs who has had it twice now and I treated her by soaking her foot in warm water and Epsom salts for ten minutes. After I dried the foot I applied suddocrem and bandaged it up. It probably took about two weeks doing this twice a day but it did...