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  1. katiecavyNC

    Mites, mites

    Well, after having our piggies for over a year now, I've had to do my first dosing for mites today. We left for a 2 week vacation (well overdue and needed...) and left the animals in the care of my mother-in-law. I noticed a bit more scratching than usual before we left, but nothing major so...
  2. katiecavyNC

    Fleas - help?!

    We have had a killer time with fleas this year - in the house, the yard, the dogs, you name it, we've got them there. Seems like in dry, hot years we get fleas, the wet cooler summer we're plagued by mosquitos. Anyway, I thought we'd avoided them on the piggers, but I have a feeling that the...
  3. katiecavyNC

    Other C&C for Chick Brooder

    Just another use for Cubes.... We have started our own backyard flock for the eggs & as pets. I used a 30X36" pan I got at the tractor supply for a base. The pans are plastic and sold for the bottom of rabbit cages. I could have used Coroplast, but it was easier and cheaper to get the pan for...
  4. katiecavyNC

    Puppy Mills - WHY do people buy there?

    I was on our local paper's website and there are ads along the sides from the classifieds. This one caught my eye. The headline was "We have 26 Breeds of puppies" With all the bad press out there on puppy mills, WHY oh WHY would anyone buy from someone who has 26! breeds for sale. They...
  5. katiecavyNC

    Oh boy... baby mice - anyone got experience??

    Oh boy - I've got a wacky one for you all and am in dire need of any experienced 'micers' out there! My 1st grader has had mice since before we got our GPs. He has 2 females - very cute too, even if they are a bit stinky. I'm 100% postive they are both girls - not only do I not see any 'boy'...
  6. katiecavyNC

    Relocating cage??...??

    I currently have my 6 piggies in a 4 level 2x5 castle. (3 girls together have 1.5 levels, 2 boys with 1.5 level and 1 boy with 1 level) The cage, is currently in my daughter's room. There are a couple of negatives of this - first, her room isn't occupied except for after school most days...
  7. katiecavyNC

    So long EvilRat

    My daughter's hamster, 'evil rat' passed away yesterday evening. She was fine in the morning, and when I went in to check on her before going to bed she was curled up and had passed. She showed no signs of illness or distress yesterday but she was a very geriatric hamster, so I can't say it...
  8. katiecavyNC

    Okra and/or Eggplant??

    Well, it's gardening season in the Carolinas! I've looked up Okra and Eggplant on the GP food list, and both are listed in the 'unknown' category. Anyone know or have experience feeding Okra or Eggplant to their piggies? I have oodles of fresh I can share with the GPs, but don't want to...
  9. katiecavyNC

    Level 5 complete....

    Well, with an excess of grids and coroplast, and the prospect of baby piggies arriving anytime, the building bug struck again this weekend. We decided to separate King George from the other two boys. While they get together OK most of the time, he is going through a growing pains time and is...
  10. katiecavyNC

    Our Newest Addition - Pigtures!

    Well, we got Peachy from a pet store JUST before discovering this website and realizing that wasn't such a great idea. Like so many before us, we got an unforseen 'bonus' when we got her - she was pregnant - must have been just barely. For us, at least, we are thrilled to have another GP, and...
  11. katiecavyNC

    Thinking of trying fleece

    I'm considering trying fleece, at least on my two 'living room' levels of the cage. The 'eating' level has a divided and that's where they do the bulk of their elimination. I think it might be too hard to do fleece on that level. Has anyone tried washable pads such as these underneath the...
  12. katiecavyNC

    Happy Anniverary to me...

    Well, I'm embarrased to say that for the 2nd time in my married life, a friend calling to wish me well on my wedding anniversary reminded me that it IS my anniversary today - 14 yrs. Any ideas for surprising my hubby tonight? Needless to say it has to be something I can put together quickly...
  13. katiecavyNC

    Anyone know this Cavy Savvy vet?

    My regular vet's exotic guy only comes in on Fridays and I've had a so-so vibe with my piggies. I'm looking for another vet and found this one that is in my area. This practice specalizes in exotics. Has anyone had any experience with his practice? Just trying to find a better vet for my...
  14. katiecavyNC

    So many panels, so little space... ideas??

    I have a 3 living level + storage level 2x5 with stairwell extensions. I ALSO have almost 100 cube panels out in my garage (darn you, target for tempting me with the sale last week) Problem is if I go one level higher, I can't reach up there to clean it well, not to mention I can't see the...
  15. katiecavyNC

    Scoring some FREE food & corn husk question.

    I was at Walmart sort of late tonight (after 9pm) and walking through the produce section and they were cleaning up the corn display. Apparently, they had provided a large garbage can for everyone to shuck the corn as they picked it out and the can was absolutely chock full of fresh corn hulls...
  16. katiecavyNC

    Big Cube Sale at TARGET!!

    Whoohoo - found the 6-cube pack (23 panels) at Target today on sale for 12.99! Don't know how long the sale lasts, or if it is a nation wide thing, but I went ahead and picked up a few packs in case we decide to do any further expansion. You can never have enough C&C!
  17. katiecavyNC

    Coroplast in Charlotte NC? Anyone need some?

    I found a really great price on coroplast - $12 per sheet, white. Bad news is I had to buy a $100 minimum. Still, I'd rather do that anyday than buy sheets from the sign shops who quoted me $40 per sheet and tried to tell me it was because 'prices vary' - this at the same sign shop that sold...
  18. katiecavyNC

    Estimating Age?

    Is there any resource out there to help make an age guestimate on a piggy? I did a quick thread search, but didn't find anything. Thought there might be a weight chart or somthing similar that the rescues use to help determine age.
  19. katiecavyNC

    Just a thanks! Vinegar for cleaning is great!

    I have to say THANK YOU for all the posters who have mentioned using vinegar to clean the cages. Hope this is an OK place to post this thread. We have mice and hamsters as well as the piggies (I think the world's longest living hamsters... 3.5 yrs and still going strong) The mice stink worse...
  20. katiecavyNC

    Vit C Tablets & other feeding ?s

    I want to make sure they are getting the right nutrients so have a few questions on diet. I'm glad I found this site when I got my piggies so I at least have a better idea of the basics than I did before and they aren't just 'surviving' on petstore pellets! I have seen several mentions on...