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  1. Josie's Mom

    Just Purchased Guinea Pig had babies

    What kind of cage do you have? If you have one that you made from grids and choloplast, you'll want to zip-tie grids over your existing grids in such a way that the holes are smaller, since little piggies can escape or get stuck. Check out this link for a picture...
  2. Josie's Mom

    Cat Pouncing on Cage

    We've used double-sided tape or contact paper sticky side up on countertops where our kitty isn't supposed to go. She hates how the sticky part feels on her paws. Does your kitty get enough play time with you? It might be worth a shot to engage your kitty in play more frequently to see if it...
  3. Josie's Mom

    Foot Tag on Piggy

    My piggy Lucy is actually at the vet having her spur trimmed right now, and my husband just called to ask which foot it was on. lol We have our vet trim it because we're too chicken to do it ourselves. She seems to have one every few months, and it doesn't seem to affect her as she still runs...
  4. Josie's Mom

    how do you?

    Peer pressure works pretty good too. Lucy was up and down our ramp right away. Josie wouldn't use it at all. I'd coax her up to the second level and she'd stay there. I'd put her back on the first level and she'd stay there. Eventually she saw all the fun Lucy was having freely traveling up...
  5. Josie's Mom

    Changing names?

    My husband and I have adopted three animals, a cat and two pigs. We've renamed all three. Our cat was named Missy at the animal rescue league, but it didn't suit her. Now she's Emma Mew, or depending on what mood she's in, we have a variety of nicknames for her, including Baby Harp Seal and...
  6. Josie's Mom

    Eating after teeth trim

    When Josie had her teeth trimmed, she had to figure out how to eat again too. It took her probably a meal or two before she figured it out. I imagine it was a bit painful for her too, like after people go to the dentist. She was back to normal within a day or so.
  7. Josie's Mom

    Poop Question

    We have a little orange Hoover canister vacuum that has a switch to turn down the suction. It works great to suck up poos when the suction is turned way down.
  8. Josie's Mom

    Lice or mites?

    I've done some reading about mites and lice on the forum, but I'm not sure I know which are which. I'm thinking we have lice, but I'm not sure. Here's what I'm seeing. Josie and Lucy are both itchy, and both have dry, flaky skin. I've found a couple of tiny white or yellowish parasites on...
  9. Josie's Mom

    Classroom Guinea Pig

    This is off-topic, but I feel that generalizations like the above are not only hurtful, but ridiculous. :yuck:
  10. Josie's Mom

    Introduction taking a while

    Hey everyone, I introduced Josie and Lucy last Thursday night. My husband and I started out on opposite ends of the couch with a pig on each lap and towels on the couch inbetween. They started out pretty indifferent towards each other. Then Lucy ventured down to the towels to get some...
  11. Josie's Mom

    second story with a cover???? Help!!

    My cat Emma loves Josie and Lucy and will lie on top of Josie's cage (we're nearing the end of quarantine). Emma will stick her paws in or let her tail dangle, but when Josie gets too close, Emma gets scared and leaves. Josie likes to sniff Emma and will stand up on her back feet and lean on...
  12. Josie's Mom

    Is there anything wrong...

    Josie kicks her leg out to the side too. We call it her kickstand, like on a bicycle.
  13. Josie's Mom

    Coroplast seams

    Hey everyone! I have a question about the coroplast seams on Josie's cage. I cleaned it out today and urine had gotten into the seams and between the folds in the corners. We've been thinking about sealing the seams permanently with some caulk. What is the best way to handle this? Has...
  14. Josie's Mom

    My little poo factory!

    It seriously took all of three minutes. I only counted Josie's poo, as Lucy's still hanging out in quarantine. I do have a life, by the way, but my curiousity got the better of me.
  15. Josie's Mom

    My little poo factory!

    I collected them and put them in a little container. When I had 24 hours' worth, I counted them, one by one.
  16. Josie's Mom

    My little poo factory!

    My little bitty Josie poo'd 281 times in 24 hours! Hilarious! Has anyone else seen numbers like that? We were very impressed. On a related poo note, when I was little I had a rabbit and we'd use his poo on the garden. My little sister, then six, was helping my mom in the garden. She picked...
  17. Josie's Mom

    I just couldn't leave her, my new pig

    She's beautiful! I love the name Mazy -- I almost named my piggy that!
  18. Josie's Mom

    How long to mites are gone?

    Thanks so much!
  19. Josie's Mom

    How long to mites are gone?

    My little darling Lucy has mites too. She's in our old petstore cage in the den. I have fleece in her cage, and I don't know how smart those little buggers are. Do you think it's possible for her to get reinfected if the mites end up on her fleece and then she walks over it within the three...
  20. Josie's Mom

    Hi everyone!

    I finally got some cute pigtures of Lucy! She has ear mites, so we're treating those, and she goes back to the vet for a recheck in three weeks. She's still so shy but seems to be happy. When we wake up in the morning, we can tell she's been exploring as she leaves a trail. She's so sweet...