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  1. gpigsrock

    Behavior Is urine spraying normal for females?

    I have only owned male guineas in the past, and haven't had too many (possibly any?) problems with urine outisde their cages and the cuddle towels used when being held. But once I had a little herd of females, I started to notice one of them sprayed urine... a lot? This has been on my mind for...
  2. gpigsrock

    Injury 6 month old flips around when pet (not popcorning)

    My piggy Cal has unknown leg injuries, which I have gone to a vet for before. My vet said he may have been injured before I got him, but he still gets around fine and he doesn't seem to be in pain, although he tends to hop around his cage when he runs laps. However, lately I noticed that when I...
  3. gpigsrock

    Fleece Guinea Pig Digs Under Fleece

    Alright, so I have a C&C cage with fleece bedding set up and my pigs are all getting along okay in it. One of them, Roxie, always burrows underneath the fleece! It's not a huge problem, but I usually have to dig her out, and tuck the fleece back over the coroplast's edge. It gets kind of...
  4. gpigsrock

    C&C Not sure what size cage to build

    I bought 34 cubes today, and I plan on making a C&C cage within two months. I currently have three guinea pigs, Roxie, Velvet, and Ginny. None of them have been completely introduced and bonded yet, but Roxie and Ginny get along the best so far. Velvet tends to bully Ginny and Roxie, so I...
  5. gpigsrock

    Behavior My guinea pig whines when I am near!

    I got my guinea pig Velvet about two weeks ago, and I have handled her numerous times, pet her, played classical music to help keep her less bored, and hand fed her to help her like me. I'm not sure if she just needs more time to adjust to her new home yet, but whenever I approach her cage she...