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  1. Sballin

    Rehoming Anyone in the Livingston, Louisiana area looking for 2 pigs that need a better home?

    Hey all, a lady on facebook is selling these two gorgeous pigs, and usually I wouldn't think anything of it but the poor pigs are in a horribly dirty small cage and she doesn't even know what gender they are!! I asked the gender and she said 'I think males, if you want them we can make a deal' I...
  2. Sballin

    Cage Hay rack made out of grids

    Does anyone have a hay rack made out of grids? I have a whole bunch of extra grids and I want to get a second hay rack I'd rather not spend money if I can just make one. If anyone has one can you post a pic for me please so I can see how it's made?
  3. Sballin

    Chewing Pigs chewing on grids and fleece

    I just made my C&C about a week ago and I've noticed my pigs chewing on the grids a lot, there's part of paint missing on grids and everything, also I've seen both of them chewing on the fleece. I try to discourage them from doing it when I see them but of course I'm not around 24/7 to catch...
  4. Sballin

    Sounds Piggy making weird noises when she eats, almost like hiccups..

    My girl Jasper is in her loft right now eating hay, which is right next to my bed so I can see and hear her perfectly, and she's making this strange noise while she eats it almost sounds like she has hiccups, I know I sound dumb but do gubiea pigs get hiccups?? I've never heard either girl make...
  5. Sballin

    C&C My cage is complete!! Time for pictures :)

    Ok guys my cage is complete! Except for the ramp I ran out of super glue for the carpet.. But other then that it's done!! It is 2x4 with a 1x2 loft for two sows! My girls have now started using the ramp so I moved there food back up to the loft. I made two bedrooms each one has a fleece forest...
  6. Sballin

    Behavior Not wanting to go up ramp! Scared of new cage.

    So I just built my two girls a C&C cage, 2x4 with a 1x2 loft. They have never used a ramp before expect when they were babies and they were in a pet store cage, but they weren't in it long. They've been in the deluxe midwest until now. How long did it take your piggies to get used to the ramp? I...
  7. Sballin

    C&C And so it begins 😄

    All of our stuffed arrived in the mail today to build our C&C cage for our two girls. It is a 2x4 with a 1x2 loft! Here is a picture of my wonderful amazing perfect boyfriend measuring and cutting the coroaplast for me, and here is a picture of the cage, all we have left to do is the ramp, loft...
  8. Sballin

    Fleece I'm so excited guys! Made my first cuddle sack! (Pigtures included!!)

    Ok you guys I know I sound super lame but I made my first cuddle sack tonight, my pigs have never had any fleece besides blankets and such just normal hidey's and pigloos. Granted my cuddle sack came out way to big and not nearly as professional looking as everyone else's BUT as soon as I put it...
  9. Sballin

    Grooming Ear Cleaning

    How do you clean your pigs ears? I just tried cleaning my girls with qtips and water but they wouldn't stay still long enough for me to do it properly. Anyone have any tips or tricks??
  10. Sballin

    C&C Guys I'm so excited!! Also have a couple ?'s about ramps and Coro.

    So after debating on getting a second midwest cage to expand or getting the supplies for a c&c I have convinced my boyfriend to help me build our two girls a c&c cage! We ordered everything tonight besides the Coro. We are building them a 2x5 with a wide loft :) my girls are going to be so...
  11. Sballin

    Play Presents for my Piglets

    Bought my girls some presents tonight. They got one new wooden hidey, some cat balls with bells inside, some chew sticks, a new tunnel, a new hay rack, and also made them a sock full of hay. And last but not least I'm very excited to say my boyfriend and I just ordered the parts to build them a...
  12. Sballin

    Upper Levels Is it possible to build up with a midwest cage?

    Hi all I have a couple questions. I'm not very good with building and such but I want a bigger cage for my two girls. I have a midwest deluxe cage for them but I can tell there bored with it, even though it's a decent size I feel like I have no room for anything. I only have room to build...
  13. Sballin

    Bonding Sisterly Love 😃

    I've had my two girls, who are sisters, for 3 years now. They get along for the most part but I wouldn't say they exactly bond. They have set there dominant/submissive roles and they have the occasional wheek and rumble strut fight but nothing serious. Well this morning when I went to feed them...
  14. Sballin

    Joy Valentine's Day Treat 😃

    Got some starwberrie's today for a Valentine's treat for my family and I couldn't remember if I had ever given my pigs any, so I cut a few slices and some of the tops because I read it was really good for them and some leaves. They LOVED the strawberries! My two girls devoured the slices in less...
  15. Sballin

    Play Floor time fun, a little veggie hide and seek - Pigtures included!

    Made a couple of boxes and tunnels filled with veggies for my pigs, here's so pigtures of my cutie pies having fun. They kept looking at me like 'mom were trying to eat why do you keep taking pictures of us.' Then they both decided to try and squeeze into the same hidey, that didn't go over...
  16. Sballin

    Sounds 3 A.M. Chirping Session

    So last night as soon as I turn the tv off and snuggle in to bed, about 3 in the morning, just as I'm dozing off I hear a low chirping sound coming from one of my pigs. So I think aw how cute I love when they chirp. Well then it got louder, and louder until they were basically scream chirping so...
  17. Sballin

    Joy Warms my heart - Piggy Taming

    I've had my two abby sisters for 2 years now, so of course they let me do all the basics - hand feeding, being comfortable in my presence, lap time, etc. but lately I've noticed they have seemed to be ALOT more tame and affectionate. This is a huge break though for Jasper, she is the submissive...
  18. Sballin

    Play Silly Piggies

    So my boyfriend decided to make a hay ben for the piggies because there always wasting hay. It was so cute and he was so proud of it, but I told him, you know the first thing the pigs are gonna do is crawl in it and sit in it right? Well, I was right lmao. Jasper hopped right in as soon as my...
  19. Sballin

    Photos Pigtures of my Abby's

    Here are aome cute pigtures of my Abby's Jr and Jasper eating some veggies in there clean cage :) They popcorn and run around there cage everytime I clean it and redecorate. Then they automatically start messing up and rearranging everything, of course!
  20. Sballin

    Play Floor Time Fun Pigtures

    Some cute pigtures of our floor time tonight One picture is of them trying to escape under my bed. And then Jasper realized she was right next to her cage and decided to try and go back in, haha. They eventually we're like ok mom no more pictures and started hiding when I pulled the camera...