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  1. HerdofPigs

    Coroplast Free coroplast

    I haven't seen this idea suggested before, but if you live in the US political elections signs are made of coroplast. after the election was over a candidate for a local judge here in my area GAVE me 2 4 foot by 8 foot signs as she no longer needed them since she lost and wouldn't be running...
  2. HerdofPigs

    Won't Eat Introducing new foods

    So anytime I want to introduce new food to my girls it could take wheeks and weeks to get them to take to them. anyone else have this problem? any suggestions? I only have them eating Romaine, carrot, bell pepper, and the occasional apple slice. they aren't fond of anything else I have introduced.
  3. HerdofPigs

    Been reading for months, finally decided to join up.

    I have been reading this for several months, ever since I got my piggies in September. I have four sows, GiGi, Cleopatra(cleo), Wiggles, and Annabelle. I bought them from a pet store before I knew the dangers :(. At our local pet store(there are no chains here) the owner is very caring of her...